Swoop, Classic, & RFA

EdgeRunner e-Swoop and e-Classic Assembly

EdgeRunner Swoop and Classic Assembly

RFA Assembly Guide

EdgeRunner 2016 and Earlier Assembly

2016 EdgeRunner Owner’s Guide

EdgeRunner Spec Sheets


10e – 9e – 8e

24D – 27D30D – 11i

EdgeRunner Bosch

Bosch CX (20 MPH max) Motor

Bosch Speed (28 MPH max) Motor

Bosch Purion Display (eSwoop and eClassic)

Bosch Intuvia Display (8/9/10e)

Bosch Charger

Bosch PowerPack 400/500 Battery

FreeRadical Leap

Leap Assembly Manual

Leap Compatibility Guide



Carry Handle

Fenders Installation

Fender (rear stay) Adaptation for Swoop and Classic

Fender modification for Swoop and Classic

LT1 version 1 and 2 FlightDeck Installation Instructions

LT2 FlightDeck

Handlebar Stabilizer

Herrman’s MR8 Headlight (included with eSwoop and eClassic)

Hollywood Rack Sport Rider SE

Kickback 3

Kickback 3 Radaptor




PorterPack (black)

PorterPack (grey)

LT2 U-Tubes

LT2 U-Tube RetroFit Kit


Supernova Light (optional for 8/9/10e)

X2 Bags

X3 Bags – CargoBays

X3 Bags – HiViz Lids

X3 Bags – SlingSet

X3 Bags – WheelSkirts (EdgeRunner)

X3 Bags – WheelSkirts (Leap)

Family Accessories

LT2 Hooptie

Hooptie RetroFit Kit


Mini MagicCarpet

Thule Yepp Maxi / Yepp Maxi EasyFit

Yepp Seat Adapter (Front & Rear)

FreeRadical, Radish & Sidecar

FreeRadical Assembly Guide

FreeRadical Compatibility Guide

FreeRadical Anatomy Guide

Radish Bike Assembly Guide

Retired Accessories

These are accessories that Xtracycle has retired. We no longer make or sell them. We are including these manuals here in case you inherit any of these parts or find them used and need the manual.

700c V-Brake Adapter

CarryAll Bags



FreeLoader Bag


LT1 Hooptie

LT1 KickBack

MagicCarpet (for SnapDeck)

Pannier Racks (P-racks) and TechDeck