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Cycling legend and busy mom Brooke Miller went from pro racer to cargo-biking mama. But at first she wasn’t sure it was possible…

Xtracycle Pilots and Junior Co-Pilots Love their Rides

Join our Junior Co-Pilot, Kale, as he walks us through his top ten favorite things to do with an Xtracycle EdgeRunner! What adventures await you?

Our bikes adapt to your evolving needs as you roll through life.

Kids & Family

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Tour & Camp

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Commute & Work

Our mission is to empower people—and move the body and spirit.

Go electric

Go farther, faster, and higher with ease by adding a little juice to your travels. Our Bosch-powered drivetrains flatten hills, even when fully loaded.

Get amped

Create your own cargo bike

Radically transform a mild-mannered regular bike into a super-cargo hero, able to carry incredible loads in a single trip, with our FreeRadical Leap.

Make the Leap

Be ready for anything

Discover the ultimate cargo bicycle, a shape-shifting, do-it-all machine designed to handle whatever you want to haul—and evolve with your needs.

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Ship your bike fully assembled to your home with our Ready to Ride program

Make it easy: get your bike fully assembled by our experts and shipped direct to your door, ready to roll right out of the box.

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Want to kick the tires, take a test ride, and experience firsthand why people love our bikes so much?

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It’s kind of a big deal: save serious money on prepackaged electric and mechanical bikes, plus framesets ready for full customization—all eligible for financing.

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Selections from our super modular accessory system

Hooptie LT2

Up your kiddo- and cargo-carrying game with our super-handy rail system.

KickBack 3

The most solid, stable kickstand you'll find for your EdgeRunner or Leap.

X3 CargoBay

Great for carrying groceries, beach towels, school bags, library books...


The perfect front rack for your EdgeRunner. Pairs perfectly with our PorterPack bag.

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