Everything you need to know about the Leap and FreeRadical.

Found a used FreeRadical and curious if it will fit on your bike? Curious how to buy a new Leap kit now that they are out of production? We hope any and all questions you might have about the Xtracycle FreeRadical or Leap are answered in this FAQ section!

Does Xtracycle still sell the FreeRadical or Leap conversion kits?

No, Xtracycle no longer manufacturers or sells the FreeRadical or the Leap. Both are out of production and we have no plans to continue to manufacture either. As far as we know, it is not available in the United States and is currently out of production.

Do you have any old FreeRadical or Leap kits hiding in the back that I can buy?

We are so sorry but we are plum outta FreeRads and Leaps.

Do you have plans to bring back the FreeRadical or Leap?

No, Xtracycle does not have plans to bring back the Leap or FreeRadical. If this changes for any reason, we will be sure to update this page.

Why did you stop making the Leap?

Deciding to discontinue the manufacturing of the Leap was a really hard choice for our team. It was such a great kit and we loved being able to offer it. Here is the condensed version of how that decisions was made: When the FreeRadical and Leap were initially designed, the goal was to make these products a low-cost alternative to a complete cargo bike. Originally, when it first came out over 20 years ago in 1998, the FreeRadical kit sold for around $300. When we re-designed the FreeRadical to become the improved Leap, the production cost unfortunately doubled, which was reflected in the Leap’s $599 starting price. We were never thrilled with this price increase since we weren’t able to lower the cost for customers, but when the Leap first came out, it was still one of the lowest cost options to get a cargo bike. As the years have passed, the cargo biking market has expanded exponentially, leading to various lower cost complete cargo bikes being available on the market. With these new, lower cost bikes now on the market, we see the Leap as having served its purpose in offering a lower cost cargo bike option until a complete cargo bike was available at a more affordable price.

Can I still purchase a new FreeRadical or Leap kit in the US?

We are not aware of anyone selling new old stock FreeRadicals or new Leap kits in the US. We recommend searching secondhand online sites for someone selling one.

It might be possible to find a bike shop or online retailer selling a Leap kit but we have no way of knowing who might have them in stock. For a few years, Leaps were available in the US through a distributor so various bike shops might have had them in stock. The best way to find out is by searching the “Shop” tab on a web browser for “Xtracycle FreeRadical” or “Xtracycle Leap”.

Can I still purchase a new Leap in Europe?

Yes, there are a limited number of Leap kits available to customers in Europe. These are being sold by our European Xtracycle dealer, Voss Spezial-Rad GmbH. You can reach them at info@voss-spezialrad.de

I’m open to a used FreeRadical or Leap. What are the best places to look for a secondhand kit?

Craigslist, eBay, Facebook marketplace and online cargo bike groups are a great place to look for used Xtracycle conversion kits. You will want to search for “Xtracycle FreeRadical” or “Xtracycle Leap”. Sometimes folks misspell Xtracycle as “Extracycle” so that might be a search term to try as well. Don’t limit yourself to just your city when looking. Many sellers can arrange shipment. Major metropolitan areas with a large cycling community tend to be good places to look for used FreeRadical or Leap kits. For example, the Bay Area, New York City, Chicago and Minneapolis would be good cities to search for a used FreeRad or Leap kit if the sellers are willing to ship. Even if the seller does not mention shipping in their listing, you can still ask and recommend they connect with a local bike shop to see if you can pay the bike shop a fee to help with shipping.

One bit of warning when buying a used kit: FreeRad and Leap kits come with various small parts needed for installation. When purchasing used, do your best to ensure most if not all small parts are included and any missing parts can be replaced with something generic or something a local frame builder can help manufacture. To see a list of parts need for installation, please refer to the assembly guides:

FreeRadical Assembly Guide (small parts can be seen on page 2)
Leap Assembly Guide (small parts can be seen on page 2)

I purchased a used FreeRadical or Leap kit but some parts are missing. Do you have these small parts available?

Unfortunately no, we do not have any stock of FreeRadical or Leap parts. You maybe we able to find a comparable replacement at your local hardware store or a local frame builder might be able to make the missing part for you.

Do you recommend any specific bike for a conversion with a FreeRadical or Leap kit?

Because the FreeRadical and Leap can fit various bikes, we do not recommend any one bike. Please refer to the FreeRadical and Leap compatibility guides to see what criteria must be met for a good conversion.

FreeRadical Compatibility Guide
Leap Compatibility Guide

How can I tell if a FreeRadical will fit on my bike?

To see if a FreeRadical conversion kit will fit your bike, check out our FreeRadical Compatibility Guide here.

Where can I find the assembly manual for the FreeRadical?

You can find the FreeRadical assembly manual here.

Where can I find more specific FAQs for the FreeRadical ?

You can find FreeRadical FAQs here.

How can I tell if a Leap will fit on my bike?

To see if a Leap will fit on your bike, check out our Leap Compatibility Guide here.

Where can I find the assembly manual for the Leap?

You can find the Leap assembly manual here.

Where can I find more specific FAQs for the Leap?

You can find Leap FAQs here.

Are you aware of any other cargo bike conversion kit on the market?

We are not aware of a kit like the FreeRadical or Leap. The closest thing some of our staff has seen is the Caddyrack by Cycle Trucks but we have no personal experience with this product and don’t know if it is still available. There appear to be a few other products out there on the market to convert a regular bike to a front loader but again, we have no personal experience with any of these.

I have some super specific questions. Can y’all help?

We will do the best we can. Why we can answer many questions, some are beyond our knowledge base. Being that the FreeRad and Leap are retired, our support staff isn’t well versed in all the small nuances of a DIY. If we aren’t able to help, we suggest reaching out to folks on the web to see if the collective of FreeRad and Leap users can help you with your question or issue. Good places to check are Reddit, the Cargo Bike Republic Facebook page and the Motherload Facebook page.

Can you share the FreeRad or Leap technical plans with me so I can make my own?

While we love the DIY spirit, this is unfortunately is not something we can help with since the plans contain propriety information that effects our entire product line. We recommend doing a web search for “DIY cargo bikes” – there are a ton of clever builds out there!

Leap & FreeRadical Accessory Compatibility

FreeRadical Compatible Accessories:Leap Compatible Accessories:
X3 CargoBayX3 CargoBay
X3 HiViz lidX3 HiViz lid
KickBack 3 (*KickBack3 Radaptor required)KickBack 3
LT2 U-tubes (**U-tube retrofit kit required)LT2 U-tubes (this modification needed)
LT2 Hooptie (***Hooptie retrofit kit required)LT2 Hooptie
Mini MagicCarpetMini MagicCarpet
LT1 version 2 FlightDeck (Superhooks required)LT2 FlightDeck (no longer available)
* KickBack 3 Radaptor (Needed for KickBack 3 Installation)
** U-Tube Retrofit Kit ( Needed for LT2 U-Tube Installation)
*** Hooptie Retrofit Kit (needed for LT2 Hooptie Installation)
Freeloader Straps