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Versatile sling style bag

This sling style FreeLoader Too can fit a wide range of cargo, from school backpacks to a week’s worth of groceries.

Folds flat when not in use

No bag needed? No problem! The FreeLoader Too folds flat and out of the way when not in use.

Compatible with the EveryDay BikePack

You can have the best of both worlds when using the compatible Everyday BikePack with the FreeLoader Too. The BikePack can be clipped in on top of a folded up FreeLoader Too or it can rest inside an open and in-use FreeLoader.

Product Specs


When folded flat: 11.5″ tall x 28.25″ wide

When sling is open: 11.5″ tall back panel x 28.25″ wide x 6″ deep x 11.5″ tall front sling panel

Interior mesh pocket dimensions

8.5″ tall x 28.25″ wide
(this pocket can be used and accessed with the slings are folded up and out of the way)

Sling capacity

Roughly 32 liters
(please note that the sling is soft sided so the slings can be adapter to cargo of various shapes and sizes)


3.5 lbs. for a set of two


Rubberized mesh, nylon fabric, webbing, hook-and-loop straps, plastic loops, metal hooks


Some days, you leave home empty-handed and somehow return with the kitchen sink (you went to IKEA again, didn’t you). Other days, it’s the opposite (if it doesn’t spark joy, it’s gotta go). Who says you can’t still be a sink-slinger from the freedom of your bike? Oh, but you can. The FreeLoader says so. 

The result of years of design iteration to make the perfect longtail cargo bike bag, the FreeLoader is open to your baggage—no matter how bulky, or dirty your laundry. It straps right onto your bike, even alongside other packs like the Everyday BikePack. Easy to load from the top, and it’s a cinch to cinch up—swallowing grocery bags for lunch (*burp*). The mesh pocket gives you quick access to your phone, keys, wallet, or road snacks. And it packs down flat when you’re not using it—so you don’t need to bring a bag for storing this bag. No, this bag carries itself with an air that says “I am all that I need. I am enough.” It comes with no emotional baggage of its own, and no preconceived notions about what it can and can’t do. 

For instance, here are some things you can fit into your FreeLoader:

  1. Hockey gear
  2. Costco TP
  3. Dog food
  4. “Me” time

And here are a few things you cannot fit into your FreeLoader:

  1. An actual kitchen sink
  2. Please do not put a kitchen sink on your bike
  3. Do not do it
  4. Ok, maybe if it’s just a small one you can try it
  5. Probably not one of those big ceramic farmhouse style ones, though (aren’t those nice? IKEA has them. But, we digress)

There’s nothing predictable about the “everyday.” The FreeLoader is designed to be ready for whatever your day throws in it. And if that ends up being an actual kitchen sink? Please send pics.

Have more questions about the FreeLoader Too? Check out our FAQ page.



The FreeLoader Too is compatible with any Xtracycle longtail cargo bike or conversion kit including: the eSwoop (Shimano / Bosch), the eStoker (Shimano / Bosch), the Swoop XPP, the eClassic (Bosch, the Classic XPP, any model year EdgeRunner, the FreeRadical conversion kit, the FreeRadical Leap conversion kit, the Radish, the Cargo Node and the Cargo Joe.

The FreeLoader Too is not compatible with any RFA model or any other non-Xtracycle brand cargo bike.

User Manual

FreeLoader Too Installation Manual

Link to PDF



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Xtracycle Return Policy.


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