You’re a mom? Thank you, because moms pretty much hold civilization together. On two hours sleep. As weeks pass without a moment to yourself. When nobody notices. Whatever. It’s not something you do to impress anyone.

Still. When other moms watch you sail past their idling minivans in the school drop-off line with your kids on the back of a … bike!, and they think: “She’s a badass,” well, that’s something. If you’re gonna impress anyone, it might as well be other moms.

But that’s not why you do it either.

No, we won’t claim the Xtracycle Swoop will miraculously create more hours in your day. (It’s just a better use of hours you do have.)

We won’t say it will make parenting easier. (It makes it more fun, though.)

We won’t say it will save the world all by itself. (But it’s a start, damn it.)

And one day, some years from now, your kids will be having dinner with friends, and someone will ask about their mom, and they’ll say: “My mom? Oh, she’s a freakin’ badass. She’s my hero.”

That’s why you do it. And that’s why we made you the Swoop.

The Swoop’s stock-in-trade is carrying kids and cargo.

You can cut the school drop-off line.

You can park on the sidewalk.

You can skirt backed up traffic.

We are delighted that Electric Bike Review chose the eSwoop as one of it’s coveted Best Electric Cargo Bikes for 2018/2019.

It truly is a smooth and efficient cargo bike with an impressive set of options and uses and I really love the tight turning radius I show in the video, it comes in so handy!

Read the full review here.

You can do most of what you do in a car. It’s true.

And because the Swoop is an Xtracycle, it’s all about safety, quality, reliability, and versatility.

If there was a singular design focus with the Swoop, it was this:

To build a bike worthy of your most precious cargo.

One kid? Two? Three? More? We have a system for that.

See that little back wheel? That keeps the bike’s center of gravity low …

Which creates a ride so stable and balanced …

… you might forget the kids are back there.

Unless they’re singing.

Our rock-solid center kickstand makes for hands-free, worry-free loading.

And that ‘swoopy’ frame? Easier to step though and get rolling.

You have things to do, places to be. The Bosch-powered electric-assist Swoop is a game-changer.

For short urban trips, an e-Swoop is just as fast as a car.

Formerly unbike-able hills become no big deal.

Yet you’re still being active, moving your body, feeling good.

The Swoop comes in a purely human-powered version, too.

And after your kids are older? You will have found many other uses for the Swoop by then.

Now listen: We understand that a quality cargo bike is an investment. We get that.

We ask you to consider everything this bike is capable of — and realize that if you have two cars in the family, you might end up selling one.

Or if you have one car, and that’s getting to be not enough, a cargo bike may well be a better investment than a second car: better for you, better for the planet, better for your kids, and a lot less expensive.

We’ve seen our customers replace a car with a bike, many times.

Intrigued? Interested? Curious?

Please schedule a “meet-up” — a 15-minute phone chat with a member of our expert staff.




Don’t worry. We don’t do the high-pressure sales thing. We simply want to help you make the right choice.

Ready to buy? Curious about options and pricing?

You can check out our “bike builder” to explore accessory options and pricing right here on the site, and then to purchase when you are ready.

The nitty-gritty features

Rear rack: Comes with a large beefy rear rack and wheelskirts that can accommodate two Cargo Bays, or a SlingSet and more. Carry four bags of groceries. Ginormous diaper bags. Whatever else. You’ll be amazed what people can haul on an Xtracycle.

Junior Copilot system: Set the bike up for your family, just the way you need it with our range of ingenious, genuine Xtracycle accessories and/or the fantastic Yepp seat. Like the bike itself, quality and safety are woven into their design and manufacture.

Safety fork: Our worry free Xtracycle Signature Safety Fork is built from strong, durable 4130 Chromoly steel, and has an ultra-secure thru-axle.

Don’t be invisible: Front and rear Bright-Sight lights are built in on e-bikes, and powered by the e-assist system. No changing batteries. No plugging them in. No forgetting them at home. They’re just always there, crazy bright, whenever you need them.

Stopping power: Reliable, powerful Shimano hydraulic brakes.

E-assist option: Swoops can be purchased as purely mechanical bikes, or with Bosch electric-assist. We choose Bosch because they meet our standards for quality and reliability. And it’s ridiculously fun.

20” rear wheel: The Swoop has a 20-inch rear wheel, which provides a lower center of gravity for an amazingly stable ride even with kids and cargo.

No tipping: Our super stable Kickback centerstand included with all Swoops.

Assembled by pros: Every Swoop we sell direct from the website is built up by our staff mechanics just the way you want it. It goes through a 71-point safety/assembly checklist. No assembly for you. None. No worries you’ve done something wrong. Just peace of mind and confidence.

Big Box of Happiness: Then we ship it right to your door. 100% ready to ride. It’ll get lowered off the truck and with 10 minutes of unboxing, you’ll be out making the world a better place. It’s that easy.


Wait, is the Swoop a “girl’s” bike? Or a “mom” bike?

Well, it is popular with badass moms, but there is no gender in our bikes. It’s also popular with badass dads. It’s equally fun, safe and functional whoever you are. And while it’s great for hauling kids, it can carry almost anything: bags of compost, Costco runs, camping gear, holiday shopping hauls, you name it.

What’s the difference between the Swoop and Stoker?

First off, both bikes are compatible with all of the same Xtracycle longtail add-on components.

But there are two big differences:

  • The shape of the frame. The Swoop frame is easier to step through and get riding. But some people prefer the aesthetic of a more traditional-style frame, like the Stoker.
  • Wheel size. The Stoker has two 24-inch wheels. The Swoop has a 20-inch rear wheel and a 26-inch front wheel. This affects how the bike handles. The Swoop is designed for maximum stability loaded with kids or cargo. With the Stoker we raised the center of gravity a bit, but instead gave it a smoother ride on rugged off-pavement terrain.
Will it accommodate multiple riders of different heights?

In many cargo-bike families, multiple people end up using the bike regularly. Even if you don’t plan it that way, before you know it your spouse will be borrowing the thing all the time.

That’s partly why we designed our bike frames in one size and use “fit kits” — different seat posts and handlebar stems — to accommodate different rider heights. In most cases, we can help you choose the right fit kit to accommodate the people who will be riding the bike most, even if they are somewhat different heights.

This also allows you, if your situation changes and a different person of substantially different size becomes the primary cargo bike rider, you can alter the “size” of the bike more drastically by simply getting a new fit kit, not a whole new bike or frame.

We never want one of our bikes to become obsolete.

How do I know which accessories I need?

This is one reason we urge you to set up a call with us. You certainly can browse through the accessories and read the product descriptions, but it’s nice to talk to another real human who knows about this. We’ll help you get to a bike that’s just right for your life.

If I buy a non-electric model, can I add e-assist later?

Yes, if you change your mind and decide to go electric, you can always an aftermarket e-bike conversion kit later. And every non-electric Swoop frame has integrated battery mounts to ease any later e-bike conversion.

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