The best utility bike the world has ever seen

Introducing the Xtracycle RFA

The latest incarnation of Xtracycle ingenuity

… and quite possibly the last bike you’ll ever need to buy.

Speedy city commuter? Yes. Practical utility bike? Yes. Serious stuff-hauling mid-tail cargo bike? Yes.

We call it 'future proof'

“We wanted this to be a bike that never becomes obsolete. We’ve always aspired to that, but with the RFA, we think we’ve pushed the idea further than anybody ever has. Life changes, and you shouldn’t have to buy a new bike every time it does. So we made the RFA ‘future-proof.’”

– Xtracycle CEO and founder Ross Evans


Xtracycle RFA sport

RFA Sport: the ultimate urban commuter

Set up in “short” mode and relatively “stripped down,” it has the wheelbase of a standard bicycle and a zippy, agile feel.

RFA Utility: a mid-tail cargo dream bike

In long mode with bags and a front pack, the bike is a fully capable mid-tail cargo bike, with a smooth stable ride, even fully loaded.

Taking preorders now!

We are making only about 100 in this first small batch. Are you ready?

Want to take a test ride?

See if there is an Xtracycle dealer with an RFA near you.

Wait, is this one bike or two?

Yes, exactly! It’s one amazing bike frame that can be set up in two different modes, using mostly the same components, with a couple of small exceptions. The RFA grows and shrinks to meet your needs through all stages of life, from young adult, through parenthood, into older-age.

How does it work? What’s this secret sauce?

Our patent-pending DynamicDropsTM are the answer. They enable the most complete range of Sport and Utility available from one bike, earning bonus points for lifetime value since the bike can shape-shift as needed like a chameleon to its environment.

The rear wheel has two possible mounting points on the same frame. The forward position gives you a standard bike wheelbase. The back position gives you the wheelbase of a midtail cargo bike, about 5-1/2 inches longer.

You purchase the bike in the mode you need now. Add whatever add-ons work for your current situation. We build it up just for you and deliver it to your door in one big Box of Happiness.

Later on, when life changes, adapting the bike to those different needs is a painless, low-cost process.

All RFAs come with Bosch electric-assist

We choose Bosch because it meets our standards for quality, reliability and longevity. The high-power, low-weight, über-efficient Bosch drive units help you do everything from climbing mountain passes to speeding across flat expanses. Cover more ground in less time. Do what you didn’t think was possible or practical.

When you order an RFA, you can choose from three motor options

Choose from a Performance Line motor (65Nm Max Torque, Class 1, 20MPH), a CX motor (75Nm Max Torque, Class 1, 20MPH) or a Speed motor (65Nm Max Torque, Class 3, 28MPH)

And several battery options

Choose one 400Wh battery (approximate range = 40 miles), a 500Wh battery (approximate range = 45 miles) or dual Bosch 500wh batteries (approximate range = 95 miles)

To nerd out in total e-bike glory, spend some time with this nifty range calculator that Bosch put together.

The two initial modes

The RFA Sport package comes with our Sport MultiRack, allowing you to carry two panniers or one child. On the front, we’ve included PorterRack mounts for attaching our patented PorterRack and PorterPack for additional cargo capacity, if you choose.

With a standard bike wheelbase, it will fit on bus racks, car racks, and roll right into an elevator.

Included when you purchase an RFA Sport:

  • The bike, set up in “short mode”
  • Sport Multirack
  • Brightsight Lights
  • Lockpocket
  • Jumbo Centerstand

And someday, if your family grows or you need more carrying capacity, the RFA Sport can be elongated to become an RFA Utility mid-tail compact cargo bike.

It can carry two kids in or out of Yepp seats, four standard pannier bags, or any of our RFA X3 Bag System components. With our modular Utility MultiRack, you can carry almost anything you can imagine or need. We’ve even engineered in the ability to rotate the handlebars 180 degrees, so the RFA Utility fits on bus racks, car racks, and elevators. Perfect for compact spaces and growing families that need to carry kids and cargo.

Included when you purchase an RFA Utility:

  • The bike, set up in “long mode”
  • Utility Multirack
  • Wheelskirts
  • Brightsight Lights
  • Lockpocket
  • Jumbo Centerstand
  • Porterrack
  • Porterpack
  • Slingset
  • Fenders

And last but not least: It's an Xtracycle

All the quality, safety, performance and longevity that you expect from us (and that we expect from ourselves):

  • Signature Safety Fork: Unflinchingly strong 4130 Chromoly, Unfailingly steady Thru-Axle wheel mount.
  • Unstoppable Quality: Deore Hydro Brakes.
  • Rock-steady: Super-stable jumbo center stand comes standard, for safe, easy loading and unloading.
  • Sport-Utility MultiRacks: The stout RFA Sport MultiRack can carry up to 2 panniers on the sides and anything you can imagine on top. The high-capacity RFA Utility MultiRacks can carry 4 standard panniers or any of our 12 custom, configurable components such as: passenger bars, footrest, surfboard rack, baby seats, etc.
  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road: The RFA platform was engineered to allow riders to choose between 24- and 26-inch wheels.
  • Big Heart, Strong Bones: The RFAs’ sturdy-yet-supple 4130 chromoly frame is burly, built to last (and in a pinch, repairable by a dusty roadside welder). It’s not only durably powder-coated on the outside but it’s 100% dipped – frame coated inside and out – with durable anti-corrosion ED black. We expect you to be riding it around the world and then handing it off to your grandchildren.

Are you ready to configure and preorder?


When will I receive my bike if I preorder one?

We will be shipping RFA bikes out beginning the first week in July. Bikes will be shipped in the order we receive preorders. The sooner you order, the sooner you get your bike.

Is the RFA two bikes or one bike?

The RFA is one bike frame that can be configured into one of two modes thanks to the adjustable DynamicDrops.

The shorter RFA Sport mode has a wheelbase of 44.125″ (1120mm) and an actual length of 69″ (1755mm).

The longer RFA Utility mode has a wheelbase of 49.5″ (1257mm) and an actual length of 76″ (1930mm).

How hard is it to change from one mode to another?

Because of how solid and secure the DynamicDrops connection is, switching between modes isn’t something you can do in a few minutes. That said, it is something a seasoned mechanic at your local bike shop could likely tackle in an afternoon. Because of the time and attention needed to safely adjust the DynamicDrops into an alternate mode, it is best to initially go with the RFA setting that will meet your needs at the moment, knowing that if your needs change, you can reconfigure your bike later. The two modes use different rear racks, so you will have to get the rack for the mode you are switching to, and the chain will have to be lengthened or shortened.

Which electric package do I need?

Most people don’t travel too far and the Performance or CX motor with a single battery works perfectly, but if you have big hills, plan to carry big loads, or will be traveling longer distances (more than 20 miles) between charges, you may want a second battery. If you need or like to ride faster than 20MPH, you want to consider the Speed motor.

Need more nerdy details? OK, here you go