KickBack 3


Loading up your bike with an epic haul or squirrely passengers? The KickBack3’s got you covered. KickBack and relax with this robust and stable center kickstand, designed to keep your bike upright when loading and unloading passengers and cargo. This is our sturdiest kickstand yet and works great on various ground surfaces: concrete, gravel, grass, you name it.


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Shipping Dimensions

Height: 1.417in
Length: 0.333in
Width: 1.25in

Shipping Weight



Installation Instructions


The KickBack 3 is compatible with all EdgeRunners, Cargo Nodes and the Leap. A KB3 Radaptor is needed for use with the FreeRadical, Cargo Joe, and Radish.

This will not work on:

A Surly Big Dummy or Big Fat Dummy.



Xtracycle warrants each KickBack3 against defects in workmanship and materials for one year.  Extend your KickBack3  warranty to 2 years by registering your product within 14 days of purchase at: The warranty does not cover: normal wear and tear; improper installation; damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect. For more details on the warranty process, please see our Terms and Conditions page:

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    14 reviews for KickBack 3

    1. whalewalker

      I’ve been an xtracycle fan and user for over 9 years now, and I’ve managed to load all sorts of things like beds and compost and plants on my freeradical. When I revamped my wheels for carrying precious cargo that like to climb and hop and jump, the Kickback was top on my list. It really does make the bike stable enough for my son to climb on top the bike by himself. It functions just like a motorcycle centerstand, and it super easy to use and kick off of when we are ready to go.

    2. Steve

      very stable, needed for carrying a heavier load to keep it upright

    3. tigre

      I’ve been using my KickBack since its inception in 2008. Fresh out the box, baby was a game changer for how I used my Xtracycle longtail cargo bike. No more fear of, “Did I unload the right side first?” No more weak, floppy, bending aluminum kickstands. No sireee! Now I can go totally hands free, leaving my bike to my trusty KickBack and off I go on my errand, adventure, or random curb find.You may want to get an extra spring as they do stretch over time with use, but I even took my stand with me on a Ecuador-Peru bicycle trip and it was an essential part of my kit. Don’t buy an Xtracycle without one!

    4. gt88

      These things just plain work and are essential for anyone loading or unloading their Xtracycle. I used on in conjunction with a kid carrier and always felt safe having the kid supported with the KickBack. Get one – it is worth it!

    5. truckbike

      The KickBack is just essential to have. Yeah, I suppose the kickstand that comes standard would work, but spend the money and get the KickBack. Totally worth it.

    6. Tom L

      Just pretend this is part of the cost of the conversion kit and not an expensive extra, you’ll never regret it.

    7. Nemesis

      Almost didn’t order one but glad I did, the stability of the kickstand adds peace of mind when I have 3 kids wiggling on the back. I can walk around and load gear and kids without worry of it falling over. I also like the fact you can adjust the kickstand height as well.

    8. BikeLank

      This heavy duty kick stand is key to enabling maximum duty performance from a cargo bike. I can load and unload big hauls without fear of the bike tipping over.

    9. invisiblebikes

      The Kickback is so easy to install and works with out any issues and is easy to adjust when needed. I am extremely happy with how stable and well designed it is.

    10. Dave

      The Kickback is fantastic. It is easy to deploy and holds the bike solidly for loading, even of awkward loads. Have had it on there for years. Shock cord return wore and broke after a couple of years and in about ten minutes I was able to simply shorten it and keep using it and it has not broken again several years since.There are only two downsides. First, it is a bit difficult to put on the Wideloaders (tip: disconnect the return cord first). Not a huge deal.Second, if one wants to run an internal hub and not have a chain tensioner (say by using an eccentric bottom bracket–EBB), chain routing cannot be straight as the chain would have to pass through the Kickback and would be crushed upon deployment of the stand. Workaround is to route the chain above it all using a roller mounted to the bike frame, but that is almost as cumbersome as the tensioner an EBB would replace.Overall a wonderful product that I would not be without on a cargobike.

    11. dr2chase

      Mine is corroded and abused, lives outdoors year-round in Boston weather and winter road salt, gets no care or love, and it always does the job. It’s a sturdy and reliable bike stand, easy to use, easy to adapt (I added bar-ends to mine for a wider stance). One of the best pictures I’ve ever taken, I took standing on the deck of my big dummy supported by a kickback stand, it was stable enough for me to stand and snap till I got this:

    12. thefrooks

      This does a great job of keeping my bike upright, even with pretty big loads.

    13. Samantha

      This kickstand is central to our safe riding with our kid or the occasional heavy cargo load. I wouldn’t trust any other.

    14. Julia

      My favorite thing about this stand is that you just push the bike forward to release – no need to shift your weight or adjust your foot – just start riding when ready and you are good to go.

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