Our FreeRadical Leap radically transforms mild-mannered regular bikes into super-cargo heroes, able to carry large loads and extra passengers.

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The transformer

Six years in the making, the FreeRadical Leap is the evolution and refinement of our original cargo-bike catalyst, the FreeRadical.

A free radical is a powerful chemical catalyst, and likewise the patented Xtracycle FreeRadical Leap is a powerful tool that transforms a regular bicycle into an all-purpose cargo carrier.

The FreeRadical Leap is essentially a frame-extender that maintains the simple, efficient beauty of the bicycle while radically increasing its usefulness.


A Leap-equipped bike can haul groceries, packages, lumber, tech equipment, kids, adults, surfboards, kayaks, fish tanks, burritos (like, a lot of burritos), and so much more, filling the void between small, inadequate pannier bags and massive, unwieldy utility tricycles.

Yes, you can create your own party wagon

Xtracycle’s Ross Evans invented the longtail cargo bike in 1995 and debuted the production FreeRadical in 1998. This pioneering innovation launched the modern cargo-biking movement and produced a world first: the original sport-utility bicycle.

Today’s updated FreeRadical Leap reimagines the potential of human-powered transport just as the original FreeRadical did—and it’s better than ever.

Features & benefits

A bike outfitted with a FreeRadical Leap can deliver excellent performance on any bike-navigable terrain with loads of up to 200 pounds—while maintaining the friendly handling of a more traditional bike. (The longer the wheelbase, the more stable the bike.)

Mighty powerful

Designed to be super-strong and torsionally rigid, the Leap won’t flex or break under heavy loads at any speed. Load capacity? A whopping 400 pounds, including rider weight. Passenger capacity? Three kids or one adult, in addition to the rider.


The FreeRadical Leap will fit almost all adult bikes, including bikes with rear wheel sizes of 20″, 24″, 26″, 650B, 650B+, 700C, 29er, and 29+. It’s also great for extending a regular e-bike into a radical e-cargo ride.


The Leap kit works perfectly with our Super-Modular Accessory System to increase your bike’s carrying capacity, functionality, and fun. The removable racks make it compatible with the vast majority of existing Xtracycle cargo-hauling accessories, including CargoBay bags, SlingSets, Hoopties and other kid-hauling add-ons. Set up your Leap for your needs.

Safe & secure

The Leap’s secure mounting system attaches firmly to the chainstays near the power center of your conversion bike’s drivetrain (i.e., the bottom bracket), creating a super-strong connection.

Included in the kit

The Leap Kit comes with the following:

  • Leap frame & mounting hardware
  • V-Racks (for holding up the deck, hanging bags, etc)
  • RackLocks (secure the connection of the the V-Racks to the frame)
  • FlightDeck (the deck that mounts on top of the V-Racks)
  • Extra-long rear brake and rear shifter cable and housing (these replace those on your existing bike to cover the longer distance)
  • Leap WheelSkirts

You will need also, a length of chain to extend your bike’s current chain. Since chains come in various widths, when you purchase your Leap you can select a chain extension that is compatible with the chain on the bike you are going to convert (a local bike shop will be able to help you with this as well). You can also select other hauling help from our Super Modular Accessory System when buying your Leap, to perfectly customize it for your needs: bags, kid seats, etc.

Watch our Leap playlist below to…

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  • See the Leap in action
  • Watch the Leap Q&A
  • Check out the Leap’s backstory
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