Meet the Xtracycle Family of Cargo Bikes

From heavy-duty cargo, to off-road adventure, to urban commuting, welcome to freedom in a gridlocked world.


Our newest bike, the best e-assist utility bike the world has ever seen. Comes in two modes: Sport, a fast, agile commuter, or Utility, a capable midtail cargo bike. Plus, it has a little surprise up its sleeve.

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The Edgerunner

Perfect for carrying kids and cargo, the EdgeRunner's small rear wheel and low deck height make it easy, smooth, and stable. Available in electric assist or mechanical and super adaptable to any hauling scenario.

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The Stoker

A heavy-mettle bike built to handle your most ambitious rides, on pavement or trails. It can pack pounds of cargo thanks to a frame-mounted front rack and brawny rear cargo zone. Comes in electric-assist, or not.

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The Leap

The invention that started the longtail cargo-bike revolution, the FreeRadical Leap transforms a mild-mannered regular bike into a cargo superhero, able to carry large loads, transport children, and change lives.

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Full Bike or Leap?

Explore the difference between a complete cargo bike and a conversion.


Why Go Electric?

Not sure if you should go electric? Learn how it can be a life-changer.

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Built for You

A bike built exactly for you, with genuine Xtracycle add-on components.

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Ride With Kids

Safe, efficient kid carrying with our Junior Co-pilot Passenger System.

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