Which Xtracycle?

As with a fork in the road, you’ve got options. On the left is our Edgerunner, the world’s greatest cargo bike, available as a classic mechanical bike or as the ultimate electric cargo bicycle. On the right is our FreeRadical Leap conversion kit, the magic key to creating a cargo bike from the stuff of mere mortal bicycles. Both can be customized to fit your needs perfectly via our Super-Modular Accessory System. Whichever path you take, take heart that you’ve chosen wisely.

The Edgerunner Bike

Design your dream cargo bike. You've got options: add electric assist, change frame shape, set it up for various hauling scenarios, etc.

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The FreeRadical Leap Kit

Get rad and go long. Refined over 20-plus years, this is the ingenious innovation that launched the modern cargo-bike renaissance.

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Edgerunner or Leap?

Explore the difference between a complete Edgerunner and a FreeRadical Leap conversion.


Why Go Electric?

Not sure if you should go electric? Learn why amping your pedal power is a life-changer.

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Bike Builder Helper

Answer a few questions and we'll show you the Edgerunner that best fits your needs.

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Design Your Own Bike

Check out all the possible Edgerunner configurations with our Instant Bike Visualizer.

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Our Secret Sauce

Our Super-Modular Accessory System has everything you need to move through life.

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Ride with Kids

Read about our Junior Co-pilot Passenger System: safe, efficient kid carrying.

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