Working at Xtracycle

We’re looking for teammates who passionately believe in our purpose: to empower people with transformational tools that move the body and spirit.

At Xtracycle you’ll transform families, and empower people to reinvent what’s possible by bike while working towards our ambitious vision. You’ll work alongside optimistic, growth-oriented people to solve the daily challenges of those who are ready to get out of the box and live an ignited life. Our homey office, walking distance from Macarthur BART in Oakland, has multiple trampolines to get your creative juices flowing, a product development laboratory, and a comfortable, down-to-earth vibe. We enjoy hard work and balance our professional will with our personal humility. For exceptionally qualified candidates, remote work is a possibility.

Current Openings:

Position Title: Client Happiness Advocate

Reports to: Director of Operations


Result Statement:  To support, inspire and encourage Xtracycle clients with an exceptional experience that they rave about. You’ll put Xtracycle on the path to accomplish its 2020 mission: To irrefutably and sustainably take the long tail cargo bike market mainstream – from early adopter to early majority. By the end of 2020, Xtracycle will have 202+ partner dealers that place pre-season orders, 2020+ new riders annually, and 202+ people who choose to be brand ambassadors and actively promote the lifestyle and product to friends, family, and perfect strangers.



  • Customer Care and Support (70%)
      • Front Line Responder – Help Desk
        • Respond within 4 business hours to customer inquiries
      • Answer Phones – Return Messages
      • Review and thoroughly answer emails. You’ll systematize wherever possible by saving replies, building workflows and developing the knowledge base.
      • Handle warranty claims
      • Respond to comments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube and other applicable social media.
      • Create and maintain documentation around systems and protocols
  • Sales Support (20%)
    • Give live demos of our bikes
    • Sell bikes/accessories to customers
  • Administrative Support (10%) As Needed


  • Help Scout for responding to customer inquiries and building our knowledge base.
  • Agile CRM to initiate sales opportunities. You’ll use this when you get an inquiry that should be turned into an opportunity (ie when a customer is interested in purchasing a bike or a new dealer is interested in coming on). You’ll use Agile CRM for calls related to opportunities.
  • You’ll respond to phone calls and will often proactively make them.
  • To reply to feedback on social media, you’ll use either Hootsuite or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and YouTube.
  • Woocommerce for manually placing customer orders.
  • Unleashed Software for viewing actual inventory
  • Communication with internal and external audiences:
    • Google Drive for internal documentation.
    • Gmail for external communication.
    • Slack for internal communication.
    • Google Calendar for coordinating schedules with staff/contractors.
    • Zoom for meetings with staff/contractors
    • Dropbox for external document storage.
  • Zoom for screen sharing/demos with current or prospective customers.

Your Qualities and Attributes:

  • Patient:You accept feedback, ideas, or challenging situations without frustration.
  • Superb listener: You’re attentive to the requests of the customer and seek to understand their underlying need.
  • Clear communicator: You are friendly, concise and open. You communicate simply and leave nothing open for interpretation.
  • Xtracycle-specific Knowledge: You should have a solid understanding of Xtracycle products, and continuously strive to improve that knowledge and keep up-to-date.
  • Positive: You are positive and upbeat in communications with customers and colleagues.
  • Persuasive: You’re adept at transferring your positive energy to the customer. This will help you solve problems and sell products.
  • Systems Builder: You identify weaknesses in company resources and build and document efficient systems.
  • Excellent writing skills: pithy, fun, organized.


  • Great communication skills – written, oral
  • Quick Typist (60+ words per minute)
  • Prioritize work daily for maximum effectiveness


  • You’ve got a proven track-record of delighting customers.


Dependent on experience. This is a full-time position with the potential for personal and career growth. For full-time employees, Xtracycle pays 50% of your health insurance costs for the first year of employment and 100% of your health insurance premiums after you’ve worked at Xtracycle for a year.

To Apply:

To apply for this position, click below:

Please write “Customer Happiness Advocate” into the Applying for field.


  1. Your Resume
  2. Cover Letter

Your cover letter should answer the following question:

  • Why are you inspired to commit your time and energy to Xtracycle?

We’ll schedule interviews on a rolling basis with qualified candidates.


Work at our Oakland-based office which is in walking distance from MacArthur BART or remote work is a possibility for exceptional candidates.

About Xtracycle:

Xtracycle ignited the cargo bike revolution that’s spreading around the world. Our products are designed with the belief that virtually anything in your life can be accomplished with a bike and a sense of adventure. Realize your dreams. Sweeten your days. One pedal stroke at a time.

Twenty years ago, an idealistic Stanford engineering student, Ross Evans, landed in war-torn Nicaragua. In a tin and cinder-block shed, he welded together a revolutionary invention: a long-tail cargo bike that empowered farmers to pedal their produce to market.

Returning to California, Ross founded Xtracycle with a vision for transforming American transportation. Together with countless early riders, Xtracycle ignited a cargo bike movement that is spreading across the globe. Today, the pioneering Xtracycle EdgeRunner design leads the way in the LongTail category that was created right here.

We work to live by and grow into the following values:

Be a good butterfly.

If a butterfly can cause a hurricane thousands of miles away, so can you. Make it a good one.

Run the edges.

Edgerunners are those courageous people who by strength of will and nobility of spirit make life better for humanity. In this way of being, at times you will feel alone. We must reimagine the status quo and live for something bigger than ourselves.

Be ready for anything.

Open minds and hungry hearts—with a willingness to try new things, take risks, and fail forward—prepare us for everyday adventure. Commit to grow, master your uncertainty, sharpen your skills, and boldly forge your future.

Be moved.

When we fully engage with the moment, embrace our purpose, and are moved in body and spirit, we generate vicarious joy. This is our invitation to openly share your emotion, inspiration, meaning, and beauty: fuel your fire and lead the way with your light.

We ride together.

We share a vision of the bicycle as a powerful change agent—humble and inclusive yet revolutionary—and bikes that haul give people even more utility and personal freedom. That’s the whole point: we edgerunners ride together, and our bikes serve, transport, and transform us all. If the life we live is the legacy we leave, let’s ride!