These are what we consider to be the bare bones tools needed to keep your Xtracycle bike rollin’. All of the items here can be found at your local bike shop or from an online retailer. These items are needed to do basic bike maintenance for the average rider. If you are looking to do more specific maintenance (i.e. replacing derailleur cables, changing out the bottom bracket), more specific tools, not listed here, would be needed. 

Handheld tire pump with gauge  If you only have one bike pump, it should be a portable one. That way you have a pump that you can carry on your bike and use at home. Having a portable pump is crucial for fixing flats on the go. 
Allen key set A fold-up wrench set is perfect for making any adjustments to your bike. 
Spare inner tubes  The EdgeRunner requires a 26″ x 1.95~2.125″ tube and a 20″ x 1.95~2.125″ tube, both with Schrader valves
Tire levers These allow you to remove the tire from your rim. Removing and replacing a tire without levers is difficult and not recommended. 
Puncture repair kit This kit will allow you to patch a patch-able puncture in your inner tube. Some flats require a new tube, so be sure to carry both on your bike. 
Bike chain-breaker and spare links    Being able to replace a chain link while on the road is key to keep rolling. This tool will allow you to remove a problem link to replace it.

Xtracycle LockPocket Carry all of your portable maintenance tools with ease with the added versatility of attaching your LockPocket where ever most convenient – on your handle bars, on your Hooptie, buckled to your CargoBay, etc. Available on our website here

Stand-up tire pump with gauge 

 A stand-up pump is great for your home kit since it’s comfortable to use and inflates tires more quickly than a handheld pump.

Chain lube Keeping your chain lubed is a huge part of keeping your bike in tip top shape through the years. Be sure to have a bottle available at home since lubricating your chain will be a common occurrence. 
Shop towels or an old cotton shirt cut into clothes These are great for cleaning your bike and chain. 
Degreasing cleaner A good degreaser is key to keeping your bike and chain clean. 

An old toothbrush When a shop towel won’t get the job done, a toothbrush can surely handle it.