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An everyday bike that anyone can handle—precious cargo in-tow and pants seam (and your dignity) in-tact. A bike that makes your everyday extraordinary.


Made just for you, the Dependable Adventurer—the one who brings the stoke and jams to the school drop-off, but also the two-burner stove and griddle to the Mother’s Day sub-24.


Engineered to enhance the quality of your everyday life—and the everyday needs that go with it. Zippy, highly-adaptable, and as compact as you need to easily fit in more places means this bike is Ready For Anything.

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“Our recommendation: an Xtracycle, the breed of elongated cargo bike that lets you mount multiple seats on a long, flat, stable platform in the rear.”

“…The solid build quality, two wheelbase options, and numerous compatible accessories make it adaptable to your needs for years to come.”

“I gotta say… Xtracycle does a great job.”

“…It’s extremely well made and designed.”

“I have owned and used three different brands of longtail and the Edgerunner has been my absolute favorite.”

“The combination of this versatile cargo bike with electric assist truly provides a bike that can do a lot of the commuting and errand running that is traditionally done by car……..all while having more fun!”

Our Story

Way back in 1998, a youthful Xtracycle dreamed of inventing an everyday bike for everyday people—a stupefyingly bold idea—given that the “golden age” of cargo bikes had long come and gone.

Our curiously catalytic founder returned from extensive world travels—compelled to craft a simple two-wheeled steed that maybe, just maybe, could normalize bikes as everyday transport.

Almost by accident—(can I surf this thing?)—we rediscovered a funner way to get around. That feeling of gliding past traffic, wind in our sails—the sheer glee of having our favorite people there with us for the ride. We hadn’t felt that way since we were kids!

To our utter delight (and admittedly, some surprise), our humble designs ignited a cargo bike movement that is now inspiring millions into grabbing life by the bars and following us down a path less-pedalled. These everyday active-ists are shifting the course of human transportation toward a more brilliant future—for us and all our fellow crew members on spaceship Earth. 

You might just have to ride to believe.