Giving Back

The What & Why of Worldbike

Worldbike is our sister organization, a nonprofit founded by Xtracycle's Ross Evans to help the rural poor the world over, two wheels at a time.

Worldbike is focused on designing innovative bicycle prototypes to advance development in poor countries. Since then, its work has led to new bike technologies used in small-scale development programs in Cuba, Mexico, Rwanda, Senegal, and Thailand.

Along the way, Worldbike has published articles on bike design for development, helped establish bike manufacturing and repair shops in developing countries, and, most important, met and worked with a lot of amazing people and organizations using bicycles for development.

Much of Worldbike’s work would have been impossible without them. The foundation is especially proud that two of the first Worldbike cargo bikes are featured in the Smithsonian National Design Museum exhibition “Design for the Other 90%.”

Xtracycle founder Ross Evans in South Africa in 1998, working on the Worldbike project.

In 2009, Worldbike shifted its focus from bike design to bike delivery. The goal is to take all that they’ve learned over the years and apply it as the foundation for rural development that’s scalable, sustainable, measurable, and cost-effective.

A contribution of just $150 helps underwrite a cargo bike that quadruples the income of a small farmer in Africa. Worldbike is a registered 501(c)(3) charity.

You can learn more and donate at Thanks for your interest in this important work!