Electrify Your Ride

We believe that we’re in the middle of a transition. Soon, we predict, 95 percent or more of daily cargo-bike and utility-cycling trips will be electric-assisted. For most people, the two main reasons they don’t immediately purchase an electric cargo/utility bicycle are:

1. Cost

We know the technology ain’t cheap, but it is so worth it. Once on a cargo-hauling e-bike, a lot of people feel like they’ve really replaced a car or truck for good. It’s a fast, powerful machine for zipping around town and taking care of business. And Xtracycle uses only the best batteries and drivetrain systems, so our electric-assist EdgeRunner and RFA cargo bikes are without a doubt the finest in all the land.

2. Lack of experience or confusion about the technology

Our goal is to help you melt away those obstacles and truly understand the revolutionary nature of electric-assist cargo bicycles. Wanna talk e-cargo bikes? Call us anytime at (888) 537-1401, or e-mail us at support@xtracycle.com.

Meanwhile, here are our…

20 Perfect Reasons to Go Electric

  1. Cover more miles and climb more hills in less time. Xtra power is always at your fingertips.
  2. Swift and silent, an e-cargo bike is like some genius mashup of a scooter, a mini-truck, and a microbus—without spewing nasty exhaust or making all that noise.
  3. Studies have shown that, especially for those who live in a city with good public-transportation options (light rail, streetcars, bus lines), riding a cargo e-bike is the easiest way to live a 100% car-free life. And we make the ultimate electric cargo bicycle.
  4. Blast off the starting block with even the heaviest of loads. A smooth, powerful e-boost as you take off can make navigating with even the most unwieldy cargo a breeze.
  5. Replace a car, discover a fast, easy way to explore your neighborhood, city, region, and world.
  6. It’s what most people want in a cargo bike (even really fit cyclists who think electric is “cheating”), even if they don’t know it.
  7. Human + e-bike = cyborg!
  8. You’ll simply ride more. Statistics show that e-cargo bikes see far more miles than standard e-bikes.
  9. Ride even if you’re injured. Easier on major joints like knees, ankles, hips, etc.
  10. Easily ride closer to the speed of urban traffic when you have to take more auto-heavy routes.
  11. An e-cargo bike makes for cooler riding in hot weather.
  12. Easier, speedier riding lets you skip all that car congestion while increasing your efficiency running errands around town.
  13. Levels the playing field if, say, you have a wonky knee or are feeling tired, allowing you to easily ride together with people of varying degrees of ability. Even with cargo and kids on board, you’ll be faster than a pro cyclist on an ultralight race rig.
  14. Boosts confidence. Helps ensure that you’ll be successful, no matter your mission. “I got this!”
  15. In many cases, it’s considerably faster than—or as fast as—driving.
  16. Ready for anything! You’re more likely to be able to do something you didn’t initially set out to do when you left the house, which is a major reason many people say they just have to take a car. (“Trip-chaining” is another term for this, and studies show that women do this more, which is a key reason that men have historically bike-commuted more than women.)
  17. Increased mileage and shorter travel times encourage you to explore more.
  18. Cover your basic weekly exercise needs with ease. Walking and riding bikes at a conversational pace are considered the best way to accomplish this.
  19. It’s just better for you and your environment.
  20. Safer. An e-cargo bike helps you always take safer routes and more peaceful passages. Often there’s a great way to get where you’re going, but maybe it’s a little farther out of the way, with more stop signs and hills. What might have been annoying in a car becomes a relaxing, scenic adventure on a cargo-ready e-bike.