Carry your kids on a bike? Absolutely!

Listen up: Here’s the thing our customers have told us over and over for the past 20-plus years:

Which is to say: If you wait too long, you’ll regret it.

Look, kids grow up fast, and toting them around on bicycle adventures is just so much fun for them—and you. We feel we owe it to our potential customers to let them know this. There are moments and memories that you just do not want to miss.

That’s why we’ve spent years designing and refining our Junior Co-Pilot Passenger System — the safest way to carry kids on a bike! And it’s totally customizable for your situation, and easy to adapt as your kids grow.

What exactly makes it so great to raise your kids on an Xtracycle?

Which bike is right for me? How many kids can I carry? What accessories do I need?

Our bike recommender is designed to help you answer all those questions and more. Take our brief survey to find out if an Xtracycle works for you and which accessories work best.

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