EdgeRunner is more than the quirky name of our original longtail cargo bike line. The name is inspired by a small but mighty force in nature. Luminary mycologist Paul Stamets uses the term “edgerunner” to refer to the profound role that mycelium—an extremely beneficial fungus—plays in Earth’s ecosystems, working at the edges of biological possibility in order to advance life.

We see it as a really cool metaphor.

Throughout history, there have been courageous people who cared enough to fight for lasting positive change. They bucked the status quo. They were willing to do the hard work of aligning their actions with their values in order to build something of enduring beauty. We call them edgerunners.

That’s why “Run the edges” is also one of Xtracycle’s core values.

Like any opportunity, risk, or change, adopting a new, bicycle-based lifestyle takes time, energy, and practice. And until you’ve spent some time with one of our EdgeRunner cargo bikes, you won’t know what wonders are waiting for you. That may sound a little dramatic, but trust us: smiling this much while running errands isn’t normal. We exist to change that.

We invite you to run the edges with us and find out just how awesome life with a cargo bike can be.