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Even though I had done my research, the “consulting” session with Marie-Claire gave me the confidence to pull the trigger without any test ride.

(Benjamin in California)

While wearing a baby carrier, I was able to get my new Xtracycle ready to ride in under 5 minutes.

(Steve in Oregon)

Our bike delivery was perfect! Marie-Claire was sooooo helpful. I ended up with just the ride I wanted. And felt great about it all.

(Annie in Montana)

It was so easy!

(Amy in Illinois)

Out of the box and onto the road in about 10 minutes!

(Bob in Oregon)

The whole family wanted to participate so each kid ran the drill to back the 8 screws out of the box. After that, we lifted the top, loosened the straps, and were off! What an amazing experience.

(Hart in Tennessee)