Discover the ultimate cargo bicycle, a shape-shifting, do-it-all machine designed to handle whatever you want to haul—and evolve with your needs. Whether you want a fully personalized electric cargo bike or a classic mechanical ride, we made the Edgerunner Classic for you.

The Classic is an all-around hauling machine: kids, cargo, grown-ups, you name it.

The Xtracycle Edgerunner Classic is very much like our Edgerunner Swoop.

It has all the same great Xtracycle innovations …

Compatible with a range of add-on components so you can build up a bike exactly for you

Smaller rear wheel that provides a super stable ride even fully loaded with kids or cargo

Comes in a fully human-powered version or a Bosch-powered electric-assist version

The biggest difference from the Swoop is that the Classic has a more traditional triangle frame.

Swoop frame vs Classic frame

So while the Swoop has a lower “step-over height” — and is slightly easier to get on and off of, the Classic will be a better fit for taller riders.

But to some degree the choice is aesthetic, and the Classic was also designed with a relatively low step-over height, compared with many other bikes.

Now listen: We understand that a quality cargo bike is an investment.

We ask you to consider everything this bike is capable of — and realize that if you have two cars in the family, you might end up selling one.

Or if you have one car, and that’s getting to be not enough, a cargo bike may well be a better investment than a second car: better for you, better for the planet, better for your kids, and a lot less expensive.

We’ve seen our customers replace a car with a bike, many times.


Please schedule a “meet-up” — a 15-minute phone chat with a member of our expert staff.




Don’t worry. We don’t do the high-pressure sales thing. We simply want to help you make the right choice.

Ready to buy? Curious about options and pricing?

You can check out our “bike builder” to explore accessory options and pricing right here on the site, and then to purchase when you are ready.

The nitty-gritty features

Rear rack: Comes with a large beefy rear rack and wheelskirts that can accommodate two Cargo Bays, or a SlingSet and more. Carry four bags of groceries. Ginormous diaper bags. Whatever else. You’ll be amazed what people can haul on an Xtracycle.

Junior Copilot system: Set the bike up for your family, just the way you need it with our range of ingenious, genuine Xtracycle accessories and/or the fantastic Yepp seat. Like the bike itself, quality and safety are woven into their design and manufacture.

Safety fork: Our worry free Xtracycle Signature Safety Fork is built from strong, durable 4130 Chromoly steel, and has an ultra-secure thru-axle.

Don’t be invisible: Front and rear Bright-Sight lights are built in on e-bikes, and powered by the e-assist system. No changing batteries. No plugging them in. No forgetting them at home. They’re just always there, crazy bright, whenever you need them.

Stopping power: Reliable, powerful Shimano hydraulic brakes.

E-assist option: Classics can be purchased as purely mechanical bikes, or with Bosch electric-assist. We choose Bosch because they meet our standards for quality and reliability. And it’s ridiculously fun.

20” rear wheel: The Classic has a 20-inch rear wheel, which provides a lower center of gravity for an amazingly stable ride even with kids and cargo.

No tipping: Our super stable Kickback centerstand included with all Swoops.

Assembled by pros: Every Classic we sell direct from the website is built up by our staff mechanics just the way you want it. It goes through a 71-point safety/assembly checklist. No assembly for you. None. No worries you’ve done something wrong. Just peace of mind and confidence.

Big Box of Happiness: Then we ship it right to your door. 100% ready to ride. It’ll get lowered off the truck and with 10 minutes of unboxing, you’ll be out making the world a better place. It’s that easy.