A good fit

Which size Edgerunner Swoop or Classic is right for you?

Use the table below to determine the right sizing kit.

The Edgerunner Swoop and Classic frame is constructed in one size only*, but we’ve designed it to comfortably accommodate a wide range of rider heights by swapping out different “cockpit” components. It’s all about the relative position of the saddle and handlebars. This makes the bike incredibly accommodating, should you begin sharing it with another rider or someday hand it down or sell it.

An additional advantage of this innovative one-bike-fits-all sizing approach is that it’s super-easy to tweak and/or change out components later if you’re concerned about your fit setup.

Check the tables below to figure out the sizing kit that will suit you and any other likely riders of the bike. Inseam is probably the most reliable way to measure, but height will usually get the job done.

If you’re planning for more than one rider to share a bike and all riders don’t comfortably fit on a particular size kit, please give us a call for some expert advice: 888-537-1401.

*Looking for information on the EdgeRunner 24/27/30D, 11i or 8/9/10e? These frames were not one size so please refer to this article here for more information.

If you measure in inches

Frame/SizeInseamHeight (women)Height (men)
Swoop S26" to 30.4"4'9" to 5'7"4'8" to 5'6"
Swoop M29.6" to 34"5'5" to 6'3"5'4" to 6'2"
Swoop L31.4" to 35.8"5'9" to 6'7"5'8" to 6'5"
Classic S27.6" to 31.9"5'1" to 5'10"5'0" to 5'9"
Classic M31.2" to 35.5"5'9" to 6'6"5'8" to 6'5"
Classic L33" to 37.3"6'1" to 6'10"5'11" to 6'9"

If you measure in metric

Frame/SizeInseamHeight (women)Height (men)
Swoop S66 to 77cm1.45 to 1.70m1.43 to 1.67m
Swoop M75 to 86cm1.66 to 1.90m1.63 to 1.87m
Swoop L80 to 91cm1.76 to 2.00m1.73 to 1.97m
Classic S70 to 81cm1.54 to 1.78m1.52 to 1.76m
Classic M79 to 90cm1.74 to 1.98m1.72 to 1.95m
Classic L84 to 95cm1.84 to 2.08m1.82 to 2.05m