Riding at night?

Lights, bike, action! Whether or not you expect to ride after dark, we believe in being prepared.


Beyond illuminating your path, lights save lives. So do reflective materials. You should use them both, from twilight to dusk to dark. Don’t be like Batman: he does it completely wrong with all that black and gray.


A super-bright, high-end headlight and taillight are included on all of our electric-assist bikes. Your battery powers them, so you’ll never need to replace batteries or charge them.

Not sure if you’re going electric? Here’s a breakdown of our other lighting options…

Light Up the Night Bundle:

No batteries needed. Always have a bright light up front with this combo, featuring a Biologic Joule 3 dynamo wheel that powers a brilliant, 70-lumen B&M Luxos U headlight. Fancy! (Save $201 when you purchase both with bundle discount code LIGHTUPTHENIGHT.)

Herrman H-Ike Headlight:

A 40-lumen, 20-hour, battery-operated headlight that mounts to your handlebar stem and doubles as a reflector.

You might also consider…

Hi Viz Lids:

These reflective, protective flaps are for your CargoBay bags. When headlights shine on them, they blast back bright all through the night. (They also double as racing stripes.)


HERO TIP: It’s always safer to keep your headlight and taillight in constant “on” mode—not flashing mode, which can confuse and/or disorient drivers as well as other cyclists.)