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Introducing the Xtracycle Ready to Ride program

Meet the Ready to Ride program: now you can easily get your bike fully assembled by our expert crew and shipped direct to your door, ready to roll right out of the box.


When you place your order with us, you’ll have the option to ship the bike to your home address with our Ready to Ride shipping option, which includes:

1. EXPERT ASSEMBLY: To start, our expert assembly team carefully and methodically builds your bike up exactly to your specifications, with all of the accessories you’ve chosen to personalize it. Our highly skilled Xtracycle mechanics make sure your bike is just the way you want it and built to perfection.

2. QUALITY-CONTROL MEASURES: We run through a 60-point checklist to make sure that once the bike is assembled, it’s tuned and inspected thoroughly to make sure it’s safe and ready for adventure right out of the box.

3. SUPER-SECURE PACKAGING: Next, we carefully box it, using our custom-made shipping boxes and pallets, to get your bike to your door in perfect condition.

4. FAST, SAFE SHIPPING: After we wave goodbye to your sweet new cargo bike, our shipping partners carefully and quickly get it to your door.

5. A BOX OF AWESOME: Once your new Xtracycle arrives, you have the pleasure of opening it up and wheeling out the bike of your dreams, Ready to Ride!

6. NEXT UP: Choose your first adventure, load up, and get in the saddle!

When Ready to Ride bikes are shipped to your home, expect up to six weeks for delivery.

You’ll receive regular updates from our Assembly Expert and Customer Happiness Advocate so you can keep track of your brand-new bike’s progress, pick out your favorite champagne or sparkling beverage, send out your “It’s a bike!” party invitations, and cue up a playlist of your favorite dance tunes.

We’ll even contact you when your bike is ready to ship, to make sure you’ll be there to receive it, open the box on the spot, and party!

Got questions?

Call us at (888) 537-1401 or e-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.