X3 SlingSet – Pair


Kayaks, ladders, strollers, bags of chicken feed. If it’s bulky, the SlingSets are up to the task. Slings can be buckled to the V-racks (V-rack buckles included) or can be buckled to the opposite side bag’s straps over the top of the FlightDeck. If using with the Hi-Viz lid, the lid would go on the inside of the sling, not the outside. Sold in pairs. Must be used along with the CargoBay or EdgeRunner WheelSkirts / Leap WheelSkirts otherwise there will be no barrier protecting cargo from the rear wheel.

What They are Great For:

Carrying bulky items

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Shipping Dimensions

Height: 0.583in
Length: 0.25in
Width: 0.917in

Shipping Weight



Want more details about the New X3 bag system? Check out the article about the system here or take a peek at the intro video from Xtracycle founder, Ross Evans.


What X3 Bag Components Are They Compatible With:

CargoBay, Hi-Viz Lid when used with the CargoBay, Leap WheelSkirts, EdgeRunner WheelSkirts, LockPocket

What X3 Bag Components Are Not They Compatible With:




Xtracycle warrants each SlingSet against defects in workmanship and materials for one year.  Extend your SlingSet warranty to 2 years by registering your product within 14 days of purchase at: xtracycle.com/register. The warranty does not cover: normal wear and tear; improper installation; damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect. For more details on the warranty process, please see our Terms and Conditions page: www.xtracycle.com/terms-conditions/

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