X2 Cargo Bike Bags – Pair


This is the upgraded, rain-resistant version of our classic FreeLoader cargo bags. The X2 adds a large coated inner pocket while keeping the carry-it-all flap that made the FreeLoader famous and the removable Rain Lid to keep rain out of the bag.

The X2 bags are approximately 24″ long x 6″ wide x 12″ deep. Note that their overall carrying capacity, however, is much greater, since they have a deployable sling that can be used for larger, bulkier loads.

The X2 also includes a replaceable ScratchPad, a hard plastic sheet to protect the inside of the bag from the ends of your quick release or disk brakes.


X2 bags, one ScratchPad per bag. Lids Included.

X2 Cargo Bike Bag Installation Manual

Note about installation: Unlike the FreeLoader bags, the V-racks do not need to be removed to install these bags as they are installed with a series of straps and oval rings.

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Shipping Dimensions

Height: 0.333in
Length: 0.917in
Width: 1.5in

Shipping Weight



Installation Instructions


What Xtracycle Bags Are They Compatible With?:

The X2 bag set is not compatible with the X3 CargoBay, Hi-Viz Lid, SlingSet or WheelSkirts.

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    2 reviews for X2 Cargo Bike Bags – Pair

    1. BikeLank

      Love these bags! Waterproof in storms, nothing falls out, wildly adaptable, exceptionally expandable, and they make great billboards for my water-harvesting business and books.

    2. Hbrown

      Very usefull bags and Well Made. I can carro a lot of stuff.

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