RFA SportRack

The Sport Rack is for use on the RFA when configured in the shortest wheelbase length.



Ready to go compact? The shorter RFA Sport MultiRack is just what you need. “How compact?” you might be wondering. This rack plus moving the wheel of your RFA into the forward position makes it the same size as a standard bike (instructions here if you’re curious). It even fits on a bus or car bike rack! Pretty cool, right?

How can you magically make our RFA Utility  a shorter RFA Sport? The good news is it’s not magic – it’s the DynamicDrops!

So what what do these DynamicDrops do to transform your bike? As you may know, the rear drop-out on a traditional bike frame is the spot on a frame where the rear wheel installs onto the bike. Historically, bikes have a fixed, welded-into-place rear drop-out, meaning your rear wheel can only ever be installed in that position. The DynamicDrops make it so the rear wheel can be installed in two different positions. The shorter Sport position means your bike will be the same length as a regular e-bike. The longer Utility position will move your rear drop-out further back meaning your RFA can become a mid-tail cargo bike.

If you’re ready to go compact, then this rack is for you.

How will replacing a Utility Rack with the Sport Rack change an RFA’s geometry:

A few notes:
– This rack will only work on the RFA model of bikes.
– RFAs are sold in the longer Utility mode only. If you would like to purchase an RFA and have it set up in Sport mode, please reach out to customer support at support@xtracycle.com.



Compatible with both the Bosch and Shimano RFA Bikes in Sport mode.

You will need to convert your RFA from Utility mode to Sport mode to use this rack. Instructions can be found here.

If you need a WheelSkirt cover for your RFA Sport Rack, you’ll need this RFA WheelSkirt.

User Manual

Installation Instructions

Guide for Conversion and Rack Installation



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