Recycled Plastic SideCar Deck

This SideCar deck works in tandem with your SideCar for maximum carrying capacity.


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Product Specs

Tech Specs

Materials: 100% post-consumer HDPE

Length: 27.25″”

Width: 22.75″”

Depth: 1/8””

Weight: 1.2 lbs

Installation Notes

Remove the M5 bolts from the SideCar frame. Save these bolts, you’ll need them to attach the deck later! Place the deck over the Sidecar frame matching the rounded corners on the deck to those on the frame, and with the Xtracycle logo is facing up (or down, you rebel you). Line up the holes in the deck with the riv-nuts in the frame, and insert the screws through the deck into the riv-nuts. Tighten all the screws alternating sides then go out and ride!


Xtracycle’s SideCar is best used with a deck – this HDPE deck is manufactured in Minnesota from recycled municipal garbage cans. HPDE is what your plastic cutting board is likely made of, and it makes a great deck for the same reasons: it is waterproof, UV proof, resists scratches and dings, and is very strong.

This deck is 1/8″ thick and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Secure it to your SideCar with the hardware included on the SideCar.

Using recycled plastic reduces our ecological impact and keeps perfectly good plastic out of the waste stream. These decks are made outside of Minneapolis, MN by RPI. Check out their awesome process for making new plastic sheets out of old plastic products in this tour.



The Recycled Plastic SideCar Deck is only compatible with the Xtracycle SideCar, which is a discontinued product.


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  1. phaedrus


    While there is very little I can’t do with my xtracycle or big dummy, there are occasions that I simply can’t fit everything I need on the bike. Enter the side car.I’ve been able to carry a full farmer’s market setup on this – sand bags, tent, table, chairs, water, food, trunk of product to sell. I can bike right up to where we need to set up and not worry about the hassle and danger of maneuvering an auto in a chaotic environment (and I get a bit more time flexibility as no one cares if the bike is on site after the market opens). The wider platform with the extra wheel gives me the ability to unload without worrying about tipping or falling – not normally an issue with the center stand, but tougher with as many large and heavy items as I need at market.The convenience of being able to fold up the side car and turn the bike into a two track vehicle when not needed is very nice as well.I didn’t give the product a five star rating for a couple reasons:* Steering, especially when loaded, is a bit trickier with the sidecar than with the xtracycle alone as normal counter steering doesn’t always work like normal. Based on what motorcyclists have told me, this may be a natural limitation of sidecars and shouldn’t count against the product, but people should know about it if they’re considering one. The big impact is that one needs to slow down a bit, especially when turning in the direction of the side the sidecar is mounted.* Getting the sidecar properly aligned is a bit finicky and definitely impacts steering. Since having it in the stowed position (on but up) takes out a side of my storage and my passenger ability when I’m in single track mode, it would be nice to be able to quickly take it on and off. I think having adjustable collars that can be tightened down with set screws would be great so that once the optimal position is found, it can be quickly reinstalled. The sidecar gets less use than it otherwise would because of this. For instance, it would be perfect for hauling my musical equipment around, but since those tend to be one off trips that I can kind of manage with wideloaders, I usually don’t bother taking the time to get the sidecar back on.

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