Longtail HalfHooptie

This HalfHooptie gives you all the convenience of Hooptie and Snackbar in one.



With a modular design, the Hooptie system is only limited by your imagination. This HalfHooptie version gives you all the convenience of the double rail of the Hooptie on one side and the easy on and off of the SnackBar on the other. Great for older kids, older passengers, or whoever wants to get their ice cream cone first. This version is designed for our Swoop and Stoker bikes. If you have an RFA, you’ll need this one: RFA HalfHooptie.



The Longtail HalfHooptie is compatible with the Shimano powered Swoop, Shimano powered Stoker and any other Xtracycle longtail with a 20″ or 24″ rear wheel with an EdgeRunner All-In-One Rack installed.* When using with a Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi, be sure the side Hooptie rail is set to the wide setting. There is no need to remove the inner padded rail.

For the RFA HalfHooptie, please refer to the RFA HalfHooptie.

The Longtail HalfHooptie is not compatible with any Xtracycle bike that does not have an EdgeRunner All-In-One*, like the: Bosch powered Swoop, Stoker and Classic; non-electric Swoop, Stoker and Classic; older model year EdgeRunners (i.e. 24D or 10e); or the Cargo Node. The Longtail HalfHooptie is also not compatible with these models that cannot have an All-In-One rack installed because the rear wheel is too larger: FreeRad; Leap; Radish; or Cargo Joe. The Longtail HalfHooptie is also not compatible with any non-Xtracycle brand cargo bike.

*If you have an older model longtail with a 20″ or 24″ rear wheel, you can replace your rear V-Racks and FlightDeck with an EdgeRunner All-In-One Rack. Once the rack has been installed, the Longtail HalfHooptie will be compatible.

User Manual

Hooptie - Longtail (2021) Installation Manual

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