Build your EdgeRunner 11i without PorterRack Mounts

Available to purchase from one of our authorized dealers or directly from us in a Big Box of Happiness. Find your Xtracycle Dealer here.

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Form and function converge on the EdgeRunner 11i. The swept back handlebars keep you upright while riding to your favorite cafe to read a book, or going with your kids to your favorite museum. The low step-over height of the frame, coupled with what may be the longest production chainguard in the world, allows you to wear what you’d like, from baggy pants to a flowing dress. The Euro-inspired 11i features the masterfully engineered Shimano Alfine 11-speed drivetrain, with a full-range of internal gears and the option to shift when at a complete stop. The sealed system is virtually maintenance free. Strong Alfine hydraulic brakes are easily adjustable to fit hands of any size, and will stop your fully loaded Xtracycle quickly in any weather.

The included Xtracycle fenders ($75 value), Busch+Muller lights ($105 value), and Shimano dynamo front hub ($85 value) mean that this bike is always ready to go. Like all EdgeRunners, the 11i is designed to be safe, durable, and grow with you for a lifetime. The bike’s small 20” rear wheel makes loading cargo or children easy. The low center of gravity and the long wheelbase make the bike stable when riding, even with a heavy load. And it handles like a bike should. The 11i comes standard with EdgeRunner WheelSkirts, and a heavy-duty double-legged KickBack 3 kickstand.

Grey CarryAll Bags are not included with this bike.

EdgeRunner WheelSkirts and an upgraded KickBack 3 are included.

Bike Basics

Frame Size

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