B & M Luxos U Dynamo Light


With a new light and reflector design, Busch & Müller raises the bar for dynamo powered LED headlights: 70 Lux, light field twice as wide as previous LED headlights, lights an area that is several times larger, maximally homogenous. Dynamo-powered light enters a new dimension – so wide, so far, so pristinely bright.

With Clip on Front reflector.

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Panorama Close Range Light

Flood light-Push button during the day: signal pulse light. During darkness while standing still: Beam boost.

USB charging option

Handlebar push button

Integrated lithium cache battery

LICHT24. Day Ride light- switches automatically between day and night mode.


Rear light monitoring

Shipping Dimensions

Height: 0.5in
Length: 0.5in
Width: 0.5in

Shipping Weight



What Is This Compatible With:

This dynamo headlight requires one of our EdgeRunner Dynamo Front Wheels or another front wheel with a dynamo hub.

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