The Swoop’s specialty is carrying kids and cargo.

You can cut the school drop-off line.

You can park on the sidewalk.

You can skirt backed up traffic.

You can do most of what you do in a car. It’s true.

And because the Swoop is an Xtracycle, it’s all about safety, quality, reliability, and versatility.

If there was a singular design focus with the Swoop, it was this:

To build a bike worthy of your most precious cargo.

One kid? Two? Three? You got it!

See that little back wheel? That keeps the bike’s center of gravity low …

Which creates a ride so stable and balanced …

… you might forget the kids are back there.

Unless they’re singing.

Our rock-solid center kickstand makes for hands-free, worry-free loading.

And that ‘swoopy’ frame? Easier to step though and get rolling.

You have things to do, places to be. The Bosch-powered electric-assist Swoop is a game-changer.

For short urban trips, an e-Swoop is just as fast as a car.

Formerly unbike-able hills become no big deal.

Yet you’re still active, moving your body, feeling good.

Comes in a purely human-powered version, too.

And after your kids are older? You will have found many other uses for the Swoop by then.

When you to consider everything this bike is capable of, you realize something.

If you have two cars in the family now, you might end up selling one.

Or if you have one car, and that’s getting to be not enough, a cargo bike may well be a better investment than a second car.

Better for you. Better for the planet. Better for your kids. Better for your budget.

Yes, you can replace a car with a bike. We’ve seen our customers do it. Many times.

The Swoop comes in four flavors

The X1, the X1+, the X2+, and the XPP

The difference is in the drive train. The XPP is a traditional mechanical pedal-powered cargo bike. The other three are electric-assist, and here’s how they compare.

ModeleSwoop X1
eSwoop X1+
eSwoop X2+
BatteryBosch PowerPack 400whBosch PowerPack 500wHTwo Bosch PowerPack 500wH for total of 1000wH, mount for second battery included
Battery range20 – 40 miles per charge25 – 50 miles per charge50 – 100 miles per charge
Drive unitBosch Performance (Gen. 2)Bosch CX (Gen. 2) Bosch CX (Gen. 2)
Max. pedal assist20 mph20 mph 20 mph
Bundled Accessories – Hooptie
– MagicCarpet
– U-tubes
– X3 CargoBays x2
– CarryHandle
– Hooptie
– MagicCarpet
– U-tubes
– X3 CargoBays x2
– CarryHandle
– Hooptie
– MagicCarpet
– U-tubes
– X3 CargoBays x2
– CarryHandle
Size availableS, M, LS, M, L S, M, L
Color available– Zone Blue (glossy)
– Black Out (matte)
– Zone Blue (glossy)
– Black Out (matte)
– Zone Blue (glossy)
– Black Out (matte)
Retail price
Buy the Swoop X1
Buy the Swoop X1+
Buy the Swoop X2+

All of the Swoop models, including the XPPs, come with a bundle of our most popular accessories, so they are all ready to carry passengers and everyday cargo. Additional accessories can be added as necessary, either at purchase or at any time later if you needs change.

The nitty-gritty features

  • Kid capacity: The Swoop can carry one, two or three kids inside the Hooptie enclosure, or if you have younger kids, you can add one or two optional Yepp seats so they are securely strapped in.
  • Cargo capacity: Comes with a large beefy rear rack and two spacious CargoBay bags. Carry four bags of groceries. Ginormous diaper bags. Whatever else. You’ll be amazed what people can haul on an Xtracycle.
  • Stopping power: Responsive, powerful Shimano hydraulic brakes.
  • Need even more cargo room? If you need more cargo room, the frame includes integrated mounts so you can add our standard front-mounted Porter Rack, which then can carry a roomy Porter Pack if you like, for hauling lots of small or medium-sized items.
  • See and be seen: The e-assist system also powers the built-in front and rear Bright-Sight lights. No changing batteries or forgetting your lights at home. They’re just always there, crazy bright, whenever you need them.
  • Built for safety and durability: The sturdy-yet-supple 4130 chromoly frame is built to last. Worry-free Xtracycle Signature Safety Fork is also made from strong, durable 4130 Chromoly steel and has an ultra-secure thru-axle.
  • One size fits most: The Swoop frame (all Xtracycle frames actually) comes in one size. The bike is fit to the rider using our simple sizing kit (seatpost and handlebar stem – available in small, medium and large). This makes sharing the bike among multiple riders easier, and makes it relatively easy and inexpensive to change the bikes “size” if the primary rider of the bike changes. Just another part of our anti-obsolescense pledge.


Wait, is the Swoop a “girl’s” bike? Or a “mom” bike?

Well, it is popular with badass moms, but there is no gender in our bikes. It’s also popular with badass dads. It’s equally fun, safe and functional whoever you are. And while it’s great for hauling kids, it can carry almost anything: bags of compost, Costco runs, camping gear, holiday shopping hauls, you name it.

What’s the difference between the Swoop and Classic?

The Swoop and Classic (Discontinued) are very similar in their overall capabilities, geometry and design. The frame shape is the big difference, and the choice is somewhat aesthetic. But a couple things to keep in mind:

  • The Classic will be a better fit if you are very tall (well over 6’2″ or 6’3″)
  • The Swoop is easier to step through and get on and off of, and will be easier if you are on the shorter side.
What’s the difference between the Swoop and Stoker?

First off, both bikes are compatible with all of the same Xtracycle longtail add-on components.

But there are two big differences:

  • The shape of the frame. The Swoop frame is easier to step through and get riding. But some people prefer the aesthetic of a more traditional-style frame, like the Stoker.
  • Wheel size. The Stoker has two 24-inch wheels. The Swoop has a 20-inch rear wheel and a 26-inch front wheel. This affects how the bike handles. The Swoop is designed for maximum stability loaded with kids or cargo. With the Stoker we raised the center of gravity a bit, but instead gave it a smoother ride on rugged off-pavement terrain.
Will it accommodate multiple riders of different heights?

In many cargo-bike families, multiple people end up using the bike regularly. Even if you don’t plan it that way, before you know it your spouse will be borrowing the thing all the time.

That’s partly why we designed our bike frames in one size and use “fit kits” — different seat posts and handlebar stems — to accommodate different rider heights. In most cases, we can help you choose the right fit kit to accommodate the people who will be riding the bike most, even if they are somewhat different heights.

This also allows you, if your situation changes and a different person of substantially different size becomes the primary cargo bike rider, you can alter the “size” of the bike more drastically by simply getting a new fit kit, not a whole new bike or frame.

We never want one of our bikes to become obsolete.

If I buy a non-electric XPP model, can I add e-assist later?

Yes, if you change your mind and decide to go electric, you can always an aftermarket e-bike conversion kit later. And every non-electric Swoop frame has integrated battery mounts to ease any later e-bike conversion.

What if my ideal bike is not reflected in one of the Swoop models? Can I get a custom build?

Yes, of course! We have found that the pre-set models serve most people. But if you need something different, you can create a custom build of your bike with the exact drive train and accessories you like in our Bike Builder tool. Or give us a call, and we can help you build your custom bike.

Have questions? Schedule a free consultation with our cargo-bike expert.

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