The RFA Sport may be the best electric-assist urban utility bike the world has ever seen.

If we do say so.

We designed the RFA to be your shape-shifting, adaptable, always-trusty sidekick. Forever.

It’s freedom in a gridlocked world.

It’s zippy, agile and fun. It’s compact enough to put on bus rack, substantial enough to carry a kid out for ice cream.

You can rocket to work.

You can bring home the groceries.

You can take it camping for the weekend.

You can go get the pizzas someone ordered.

* front rack optional

You can park it wherever. You can roll it into an elevator.

You can get around town with purpose. You can climb hills with ease.

You can magically transform it into another bike …

Wait, what?

Yes, the RFA Sport might just be the last bike you’ll ever need. Because it’s actually two bikes. At least.

How does that work?

You may have noticed we offer another bike called the RFA Utility. Both RFAs use the exact same ultra-strong frame, the same quality components, the same fabulous Bosch electric-assist. They’re just set up differently.

The key is called “DynamicDrops,” a patent-pending Xtracycle idea that allows one bike to have two possible rear wheel positions.

It grows with you, if the need arises.

Shorter-wheelbase bikes are more agile and fun. Longer wheelbases offer a more stable ride …

… in case you suddenly find yourself with more cargo — like, maybe life gave you twins.

Yikes. Well, life is like that.

(That’s why “RFA” stands for “Ready for Anything.”)

“We wanted the RFA to be a bike that never becomes obsolete. We’ve always aspired to that, but with this bike, we think we’ve pushed the idea further than anybody ever has. Life changes, and you shouldn’t have to buy a new bike every time it does. So we made the RFA ‘future-proof.’”

Xtracycle CEO and founder Ross Evans

The RFA Sport comes in two flavors

The X1 and the X1+

The difference is in the motor and batteries. Here’s how they compare.

ModelRFA Sport X1
RFA Sport X1+

BatteryBosch PowerPack 400whBosch PowerPack 500wH
Battery range20 – 40 miles per charge25 – 50 miles per charge
Drive unitBosch Performance (Gen. 2)Bosch CX (Gen. 2)
Max. pedal assist20 mph20 mph
Bundled Accessories – SnackBars x 2
– MagicCarpet
– RFA FootPegs
– CarryHandle
– SnackBars x 2
– MagicCarpet
– RFA FootPegs
– CarryHandle
Size availableS, M, LS, M, L
Color available– Midnight Black
– Sunrise Yellow
– Vista Blue
(all finishes glossy)
– Midnight Black
– Sunrise Yellow
– Vista Blue
(all finishes glossy)
Retail price$4652
Buy the RFA Sport X1
Buy the RFA Sport X1+

Each model comes with several of our most popular accessories, so it’s all ready to carry a passenger. Additional accessories can be added as necessary, either at purchase or at any time later if you needs change.

The nitty-gritty features

  • Kid capacity: The RFA Sport can carry one child, either inside the Snack Bars for older kids, or if you have a younger child, in a Yepp seat (add one to your cart before you check out).
  • See and be seen: The e-assist system also powers the built-in front and rear Bright-Sight lights. No changing batteries or forgetting your lights at home. They’re just always there, crazy bright, whenever you need them.
  • Built for safety and durability: The RFAs’ sturdy-yet-supple 4130 chromoly frame is built to last. It’s not only durably powder-coated on the outside but it’s 100% dipped – coated inside and out – with durable anti-corrosion ED black. And our Signature Safety Fork is unflinchingly strong 4130 Chromoly with unfailingly steady Thru-Axle wheel mount. We expect you to be riding this bike all around the world and then handing it off to your grandchildren with lots of miles still in it. We don’t do “planned obsolesence.”
  • It piggybacks: The RFA Sport has about the same wheelbase as a standard bike so it fits easily on most automobile and bus bike racks or in bike spaces on light-rail cars.
  • Why 24″ wheels? The RFA comes with 24-inch wheels for a lower stand-over height and lower center of gravity, which is better for hauling kids or cargo. However the frame was engineered to accommodate 26-inch wheels, so you can swap in bigger wheels if you prefer a more speedy commuter-bike feel.
  • One size fits most: The RFA frame (all Xtracycle frames actually) comes in one size. The bike is fit to the rider using our simple sizing kit (seatpost and handlebar stem – available in small, medium and large). This makes sharing the bike among multiple riders easier, and makes it relatively easy and inexpensive to change the bikes “size” if the primary rider of the bike changes. Just another part of our anti-obsolecense pledge.
  • Need more cargo room? If you need more cargo room, the frame includes integrated mounts so you can add our standard front-mounted Porter Rack, which then can carry a roomy Porter Pack if you like, for hauling lots of small or medium-sized items.


Is there a non-electric-assist version of the RFA?

Not currently, no. The RFA is only available as a Bosch e-bike. If you are not in the market for an e-bike, the mechanical Stoker or Swoop might be an ideal cargo bike for you.

I still don’t think I understand the Sport/Utility thing: Is the RFA two bikes or one bike?

The RFA is one bike frame that can be configured into one of two modes thanks to the adjustable DynamicDrops and two possible rear wheel positions. The shorter Sport mode has a wheelbase of 44.125″ (1120mm) and an actual length of 69″ (1755mm). The longer Utility mode has a wheelbase of 49.5″ (1257mm) and an actual length of 76″ (1930mm).

In Utility mode, the bike will accommodate a longer rear rack and thus is able to carry more cargo (two child seats for instance, as opposed to just one in Sport mode).

How hard is it to change my RFA Sport to long/Utility mode?

Because of how solid and secure the DynamicDrops connection is, switching between modes isn’t something you can do in a few minutes. That said, it is something a seasoned mechanic at your local bike shop could likely tackle in an afternoon.

Because of the time and attention needed to safely adjust the DynamicDrops into an alternate mode, it is best to initially go with the RFA setting that will meet your needs at the moment, knowing that if your needs change, you can reconfigure your bike later. Also, the chain will have to be lengthened or shortened.

The two modes also use different rear racks, so you will have to get the rack for the mode you are switching to. It is especially important to not use a Utility MultiRack in Sport mode, as that will cause significantly unbalanced weight distribution.

Does the frame come in different sizes for different height people?

No. The RFA frame (all Xtracycle frames actually) comes in one size. The bike is fit to the rider using our simple sizing kit (seatpost and handlebar stem – available in small, medium and large).

This makes sharing the bike among multiple riders easier, and makes it relatively easy and inexpensive to change the bikes “size” if the primary rider of the bike changes. Another part of our anti-obsolecense pledge.

How much weight can the RFA carry?

All our bikes are rated to carry up to 400 pounds, including the weight of the rider.

Which electric package do I need?

Most people don’t travel too far and the Performance motor and single battery of the X1 works perfectly. If you need or like to ride faster than 20 mph, consider the X1S or X2S, which comes with a Speed motor. If you have many hills or will be traveling longer distances (more than 20 miles) between charges, you may want a second battery (the X2S).

You can find more details about the Bosch options here.

What if my ideal bike is not reflected in one of the RFA Sport models? Can I get a custom build?

Yes, of course! We have found that the pre-set models serve most people. But if you need something different, you can create a custom build of your bike with the exact drive train and accessories you like in our Bike Builder tool. Or give us a call, and we can help you build your custom bike.

Have questions? Schedule a free consultation with our cargo-bike expert.

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