A small bit of effort produces outsize speed and power.

Convincing proof that America’s genius for invention lives on.

Our favorite. … Extremely well made and designed.


Dispatches hills with ease.

Eco-minded and health-conscious.

The company that kicked the whole thing off.

I love it.

The greatest thing.

With its low initial cost of investment, zero carbon emissions, relative nimbleness, and minimal operating costs, there is much to commend.

I outclimbed a world champion. … Surprisingly quick and sure handling.

Balances performance and value.

Durable, stiff, and predictable. … Impressively solid.

Hills are no longer an issue! Ride anywhere with as much as you want or need to carry.

I cannot pass a person stuffing groceries into too-small panniers, or some parent buckling a poor child into a trailer, without thinking how much better life would be with one of these.