Don’t forget your crew

Bring them along for the adventure.

Our latest design innovation, backed by 20+ years of R&D (that started with a boat strap and a car seat) provides an easily adjustable passengering kit that shifts with your kids as they grow. Heck, it even fits kids who are old enough to want to be dropped off a full block away. Foot rails and foot protection are standard—you just pick your handrails, and you’re ready to roll with your fave crew.


Our tried and true full Hooptie works for 1-3 kids (2 kids on the RFA) in or out of child seats. Dual rails keep hands safe in all situations. With two widths, it will fit a wide range of passengers.


Older passengers might not need the full Hooptie enclosure so we created a handlebar solution that gives them a secure handhold in the front or rear. Use two on the RFA Short MultiRack for a mini-Hooptie. Use two SnackBars to give two sets of handholds and add two Magic Carpets for backrests.


The HalfHooptie gives you all the convenience of the double rail of the Hooptie on one side and the easy on and off of the SnackBar on the other. Great for older kids and older passengers.

U-Tubes / FootRests

Essential for passengers, the foot rails on our bikes not only gives a place to keep feet safe but an easy step to get on and off the back. We think they’re so important, we include them with the bike.


Our name for the padded seat for passengers. You can use one or two (pictured above) for maximum passenger comfort. They’re so good, you’ll even see people putting them on other bikes.

Yepp Nexxt Maxi Seat

These lightweight and safe rear-rack-mounted child bike seats provide premium comfort for those little ones who aren’t quite old enough to sit on the rear deck without a seat.

Unsure which bike works for you?

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Work with our Certified Ride Guide and in a few simple steps, we’ll let you know which bike (and accessories) will work for you.