MOTHERLOAD Sponsorship Information

Way back in 2011 when filmmaker Liz Canning first contacted us about her intention to make a feature-length documentary about cargo bikes, we jumped to support her mission. After many challenging years of effort to promote the joys of a bicycle lifestyle, we had an ally to help us spread the word.  

We at Xtracycle are big fans of the film MOTHERLOAD. We believe the film does a phenomenal job capturing the cargo bike as a soul satisfying alternative to automobile dependence through the stories of real people including our own company’s humble beginnings. We know this film will inspire you and your community!  

However, as we’ve pushed up against the forces of societal resistance we discovered an unexpected truism:  “inspiration without action is merely entertainment.” We, along with MOTHERLOAD, want to create a lasting impact with that inspiration.  To do that, we not only want to help more people see this film by lowering the hurdles to screen it, we want to give the audience the tools they need to bring this life-enhancing bicycle into their lives when they are fired up after the film. If you want to screen MOTHERLOAD in your community and this idea feels in alignment with you, your company, or your organization, let’s partner up! We know this one decision will bring more joy, health, and vitality to the world! Let’s roll!

Here are 7 ways we can stoke your community screening:

  1. We’ll give you gift card(s) to give to members of your audience to start or enhance their cargo bike lifestyle (amount is dependent on screening level as determined by MOTHERLOAD).
  2. If your event is in need of financial assistance, we also have a small grant program and can offer, on a sliding scale, up to $200 for your event.
  3. We’ll send official screening postcards to hand out to your audience with a letter from one of the pioneers of the modern cargo bike movement, Ross Evans, to help stoke the crowd before the event. 
  4. We’ll send you a link for our webcast “Edgerunning with Ross Evans” where Ross interviews Liz Canning (filmmaker) to share with your community. 
  5. We will help you with best practices and give you some ideas for activities to help enhance your gathering.
  6. We will hoop and holler to our online community about your event via social media and newsletter (unless you state it is a private event).
  7. We will send you a follow-up email after the show to share with your community. It will include inspiring words from legends in the cargo bike movement, and a link to what we call the Motherlode of the MOTHERLOAD: A post-screening resource guide full of online resources, including national forums, our favorite family biking guides, buyers guides, educational materials, testimonials, and more inspiring videos from MOTHERLOAD with the opportunity for each audience member to win a fully-loaded Xtracycle 11i. 

Please note: If your event is less than 30 days away, we will not be able to sponsor your event. 

Before you take the time to submit a Sponsorship Request, please read through our MOTHERLOAD Sponsorship Program FAQ. It will answer the most common questions and help you determine if this partnership is the right fit for your needs.

If you’re fired up and want to get started or have any questions, please email She will get back to you shortly. Thank you!