MOTHERLOAD is a crowd-sourced documentary about a new mother’s quest to understand our current cultural shift toward isolation and disconnection, what this could mean for the future of the planet, and how life on a cargo bike could be the antidote.

Our founder, Ross Evans, is a big part of this story. His journey from service to invention to change-maker is cataloged by Liz Canning to really highlight how one person can make a huge change in culture. That’s what she’s done here.

Where can I see this incredible documentary?

There are a lot of showings coming up. See if there is one in your area:



But how do I join in? I’m not even sure a cargo bike is right for me.

That’s okay. There are a lot of resources to help guide you.

We love reaching out to the larger cargo bike community to help out first. What’s better than first-hand experience?

Here are two Facebook groups that we recommend to ask questions and get some feedback:

Of course, you can always reach out to us as well. Our staff went through similar journeys and would love to share their wisdom and know-how with you.

I’m fired up and am ready to get a bike. Where do I go next?

Watch Ross’ exclusive conversation with the multi-talented director, writer, creator of MOTHERLOAD below. Also stick around until the end for a special offer!:

Good news! We thought of that as well! We built our Bike Recommender to help you find the right bike for you.

After that make sure to set up a time with our resident cargo bike experts to go over your recommended bike and make it perfect for you.

What if I want to host my own screening of Motherload?

Luckily, Liz Canning thought of that too. You can find all the information related to screening from Motherload here:

Even better, we’ll provide you gift cards to raffle at every level:

Also, if you are looking to host as non-profit, small organization, or just trying to find a way to make it work, send us a line and let’s see if we can work together on this.