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Client Sales Advisor
Team member since: 2021

Current city: Richmond, California

Birth city: Sacramento, California

Birthday: January 5th (Capricorn)

Some things that bring me joy:
– Buying new art supplies with my daughters – we work on our creative projects together every day before dinner.
– Bike Parties! Especially routes along the Bay Trail or with my local bike advocacy organization, Rich City Rides. – Gardening – or, the attempt to cram as many blooms and vegetables as possible into my tiny urban hillside garden!


Team member since: 2020

Current city: Walnut Creek, California

Birth city: Walnut Creek, California

Birthday: November 22nd (Sagittarius/Scorpio cusp)

Some things that bring me joy:
– Good conversations over cold drinks that last longer than the night.
– Neurology text books that illuminate larger neural systems.
– Getting lost in the landscapes of sound creation.


Team member since: 2014

Current cities: Berkeley and Emeryville, California

Birth city: Berkeley, California

Birthday: May 30th (Gemini)

Some things that bring me joy:
– Climbing trees with my kids
– Being a scavenger ie gleaning fruit from trees or bushes, checking out free boxes, mushroom hunting, visiting free libraries, etc.
– Delicious food: croissants from our favorite bakery, street food in Hanoi, fresh picked strawberries.


Community Engagement Manager
Team member since: 2019

Current city: Albany, California

Birth city: Oakland, California

Birthday: June 2 (Gemini)

Some things that bring me joy:
– Vibing out to an excellent DJ set.
– Digging into a great sci-fi story.
– A long bike ride with my family culminating with tacos.


Director of Sales and Marketing
Team member since: 2017

Current city: Chicago, Illinois

Birth city: Chicago, Illinois

Birthday: June 10th (Gemini)

Some things that bring me joy:
– Going on adventures by bike with my partner.
– Skateboarding with friends.
– Reading a good book and relaxing at home.


Client Happiness Advocate
Team member since: 2018

Current city: Tallahassee, Florida

Birth city: London, Ontario, Canada

Birthday: July 10 (Cancer)

Some things that bring me joy:
– I love to bake! Bagels, croissants, bread, cookies and cakes.
– Playing board games with my kids.
– I’m passionately devoted to issues of education equity, as well as to cycling as a means towards transportation equity.


Video Content Production
Team member since: 2020

Current city: Oakland, CA

Birth City: Bogota, Colombia.

Birthday: September 14th (Virgo)

Some things that bring me joy:

Road trips – Mountain roads with a fantastic soundtrack on the stereo, ending at a campfire by a tent.

– Bike rides – Music, friends, bikes.
– Sunsets over the Bay with a cold drink.
– Dinner parties – Food sharing with friends, interesting conversations, homemade cocktails to the sound of some vinyl.


Founder and CEO
Team member since: 1998

Current city: Nevada City, California

Birth city: Tucson, Arizona

Birthday: February 27th (Pisces)

Some things that bring me joy:
– Great books: reading and studying, reflecting and sharing.
– Food: cooking, health, nutrition, sustainability.
– Personal growth: bird-dogging peculiar and authentic ways I can make a lasting contribution to others’ lives.


Product Manager
Team member since: 2017

Current city: Mill Valley, California

Birth city: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Birthday: July 26 (Leo)

Some things that bring me joy:
– Doing family bike rides.
– Seeing other families doing things by bike.
– Super early morning trail runs.