For years, we’ve been pioneering ways to haul small, adorable persons around on bikes.

In comfort, safety, and style. In all sorts of age and quantity combinations.

We call it the Junior Co-Pilot Passenger System


The handy Hooptie is a full handrail for any passengers riding in back. Plus you can use it help secure additional cargo when you’re on a solo mission. Available in a version for longtails (Swoop, Classic and Stoker) and in a version for the RFA Utility.


As kids get older, or depending on your particular combination of kids, you may not need the full Hooptie. So we developed Snack Bars, which can be used in front, in back, or both — in conjunction with a Yepp seat or not. Check em out: for RFAs, and for longtail Swoops, Classics or Stokers.

Yepp Seats

Yepp makes the best cargo-bike child seats out there, so we’ve chosen to use them on our bikes. The Maxi works on longtail Swoops, Stokers and Classics. The Nexxt Maxi works on RFAs.


The plush MagicCarpet is a big cushion for little behinds and covers the entire FlightDeck. Stack one on top of another for even more cush. It’s also available in a half version, to fit with a Yepp seat.

U-Tubes or RFA Footsies

Looking to tow a bike? Carry bigger cargo? Or maybe just a solid platform for your kids feet? The U-Tubes and RFA Footsies are the solid sturdy footrests for all of the above (and much more). They even are purpose-built to tow a bike.

If you’re not sure what you need for your situation, get in touch. We’ll walk through it together.