Safe & Comfy Kid-Carrying

Meet the Junior Co-Pilot Passenger System

Mom and kids on cargo bike at park

Our modular Junior Co-Pilot Passenger System is designed to solve bike-configuration puzzles that include the coolest things on earth: kids.

Depending on how old and how many, there’s a thoughtful solution to toting small adorable persons around in comfort, safety, and style. Mix and match for maximum fun and utility with the Junior Co-Pilot Passenger System!

Junior Co-Pilot

The hooptie, child hauling accessory for cargo bikes

The Hooptie

The handy Hooptie is a full handrail for any passengers riding in back, plus you can use it help secure additional cargo when you’re on a solo mission. Learn more or purchase

Yepp Maxi child seat for cargo bikes

The Yepp Maxi

The best cargo-bike child seat out there, the Yepp Maxi features a safe, secure strap system and solid mounting interface with our FlightDeck, so you and yours can enjoy worry-free journeys. You can mount up to two in back. Learn more or purchase

The MagicCarpet

The plush MagicCarpet is a big cushion for little behinds and covers the entire FlightDeck. Stack one on top of another for even more cush. Learn more or purchase

The Mini MagicCarpet

The Mini MagicCarpet is a slightly smaller cushion for little behinds, giving you room to mount a Yepp Maxi kid seat in back. Learn more or purchase