Xtracycle & Jenner Fox

We are thrilled that Jenner is back in the Bay Area touring by bike again. He is truly an awesome human being and talented to boot. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a diehard Xtracycle fan as well.

As part of our partnership, we’re offering $200 off any e-bike purchase to those of you who had the privilege of seeing him perform on his Good Luck Road tour. While you might not need to take all your musical equipment with you to go on tour (or maybe you do and we’d love to hear your music), our bikes can definitely add more smiles per hour to your day-to-day.

To get started, email us at support@xtracycle.com and let us know you saw Jenner Fox live. We’ll send you a coupon code and help you get your dream bike set up just the way you need it.

You are welcome to visit us in Mill Valley and test-ride our bikes. Jenner and the band got their bikes from there for this tour!

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