Total customization

Meet the Super-Modular Accessory System

Behold a few selections from our Super-Modular Accessory System, the world's most innovative and thoughtful utility-cycling storage schema.

For even the craziest of cargo-bike loads, we’ve got you covered:

  • Up front, keep things handy with our PorterRack and PorterPack, a must for any Xtracycle setup.
  • Perhaps some heavy-duty-ready SlingSets and U-Tubes?
  • Haul all kinds of stuff in back with our CargoBay bags.
  • For safely carrying kids, check out our Junior Co-Pilot Passenger System.

We’re always adding cool new accessories, so check back often.

Most popular add-ons for cargo

Porter Rack + Pack System

Forget racks and baskets. This generous front rack mounts to your bike’s head tube—vs. the fork—so it doesn’t affect your steering. Ingenious! To go on top of it, we designed an easy-open, feature-rich bag to stash all your stuff in. Yes, you can fit a pizza inside. Buy together for maximum utility: Rack & Pack.


Snug your bulkiest, most unwieldy fardels up into a cargo burrito with these handy storage slings. They come in pairs like saddlebags and, if strung from a helicopter, could be used to lift a beached whale to the safety of deeper waters. (A small one. Theoretically.) Buy now.

Xtracycle U-tubes


Adjustable, aircraft-grade aluminum, sorta U-shaped, these things look like wacky handlebars but are in fact the support system for your loads—be they groceries, houseplants, slop buckets, or the front wheels of towed bikes. It’s a simple, elegant way to cradle cargo and doubles as a passenger footrest. Run your U-Tubes narrow or wide or keep them stashed in a CargoBay until you need them. Buy now.


These big honking bags flank the FlightDeck in back and are perfect for hauling groceries, backpacks, and other non-huge items with ease. Buy now.

The Junior Co-Pilot Passenger System

Our modular Junior Co-Pilot Passenger System is designed to solve bike-configuration puzzles that include the coolest things on earth: kids.