Discover the ultimate cargo bicycle, a shape-shifting, do-it-all, ready-for-anything machine designed to handle whatever you want to haul—and evolve with your needs. Whether you want a fully personalized electric cargo bike or a classic mechanical ride, our Edgerunner offerings have you covered. We’re cargo-bike artists and the Edgerunner is our canvas!

Starting at $1,997

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The Edgerunner: Ready for Anything

The newest incarnation of the Edgerunner:

  • Super-stable and comfortable to ride.
  • Easy to mount and dismount even with kids or groceries on the back.
  • Available as a purely human-powered mechanical cargo bike, or with the powerful, efficient, and ridiculously fun Bosch electric-assist drive system.
  • Fits a wide range of riders.
  • Customizable and built to grow with you for life.
  • Fun, yes, but also life-changing.
  • Built to last—a very long time.

You’ve got options

The Edgerunner isn’t just one bike. It’s many. You can choose from a variety of options to design the bike that’s best for you and your life.

Why all the raves about electric assist?

It’s just like riding a bike—only with superhuman strength! You’ll be able to carry virtually anything—like multiple kids and a few bags of groceries—to the top of the tallest hill. Or all your climbing gear and a friend to your favorite bouldering spot. It’s easy! Flip on e-assist, adjust the level of boost you want, and ride like the wind!

Still not sure about e-assist? Check out our 20-reasons to go electric or learn more about the Bosch system and which motor or batteries to choose. We believe e-assist is the future. Yet if you decide it’s not for you, you can choose a purely human-powered Edgerunner.

Watch our Edgerunner playlist below to…

  • Get an overview of the Edgerunner’s design benefits
  • Learn the difference between the Swoop and Classic frame designs
  • See key components of our Super-Modular Accessory System explained
  • Check out some Xtracycle backstory
  • And more!

Swoop or classic? Which one?

You can choose from two Edgerunner frame shapes. The big difference is what we call “step-over height”—how high you need to step to get on and off the bike.

Diagram showing the difference between the Edgerunner Swoop and Classic frame shapes

The Swoop is our newest frame design, with a lower “step-over height,” so it’s easier to get on and off, even when the bike is fully loaded. That said, the Classic was also designed with a relatively low step-over height, compared with many other bikes. The Classic will also be a better fit for taller folks. (See our sizing table.) And, yes, to some degree the choice is an aesthetic one.

What about carrying stuff?

When you go to design your bike, you’ll be able to select cargo accessories that suit your needs. People have different needs, so we want you to build the bike that suits you best. Need some background on our hauling accessories? Read up on our Super-Modular Accessory System for hauling stuff or our Junior Co-Pilot Passenger System for safely carrying kids.

Need some guidance?

You’re in luck: our Matchmaker Recommendation Engine is here for you. Take a few minutes, answer a few questions about yourself and your lifestyle, and our robot will send you an instant bike recommendation. Of course, you can also talk to a friendly human Xtracycle expert. If you have questions or just want to chat, call us at 888-537-1401 or e-mail


Choose our Ready to Ride ship option for us to expertly assemble and ship it complete to your door, ready to roll right out of the box. If you live close to one of our “ship-to” dealers, we can send your bike there, and they can handle assembly. Otherwise, we ship directly to you. Some assembly required. You’ll be shown your shipping options during the check-out process. Currently, we ship bikes only in the continental United States. Learn more about shipping. If you live outside the U.S., we do not ship directly, but you may order a bike through one of our international distributors.

Warranty & returns

Xtracycle warrants each frame, fork, and original component part of the bicycle against defects in workmanship and materials. The bicycle frame and fork are covered for three years. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear; improper assembly; improper follow-up maintenance; installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for, or compatible with, the bicycle as sold; damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect; labor charges for part replacement or changeover.

Three ways to get your Edgerunner

Design your dream cargo bike with our Instant Bike Visualizer.

See your options

Choose from among our pre-packaged Edgerunner configurations, each uniquely suited to match your cargo personality.

Check ’em out

Get an Edgerunner frameset that you can build into a completely custom machine from scratch—on your own or at your local bike shop.

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I live in the foothills of Simi Valley, so anytime leaving my house there are hills involved. I have been looking for ways to ride with my twins. The trailer option just didn't work for me with all the crazy drivers. So I found the EdgeRunner 9E. I have it outfitted with 2 Yepp Maxi Easyfit bike seats. This bike just makes the hills go away. It is great to ride and wouldn't even know my boys are on the back if they weren't laughing along the way. I can get about 20 mi with my boys on the back and that includes several miles of up hill (I'm a bit old so I use the Turbo setting a lot :) ). I plan to get another battery, cause we often want to go even further. The components on the bike are top notch and the stopping power is great. The kick stand is excellent as it allows me to load and unload my boys without any help. This is a great bike! Lots of fun for me and my family. I highly recommend it.


Now we can go places with both our kids and all their stuff without any fuss or tears! It's smiles all around as soon as we get on our Xtracycle.


Perfect for commuting with my two kids (ages 3 and 1) on the back, and the electric assist lets us make it up the steep hill we live on. Handles well on city streets. The front cargo bag is very convenient because the kid seats obstruct the rear bags.


Surprisingly quick for its size, handles a lot better than I thought it would!


Well, this bike is everything we wanted. The new Bosch drive is excellent. Couldn't be happier.


Perfect for me an my three boys. They all ride in the Hopptie!One 6 yr old and twin 4 yr olds :)


It's great to drive my electric bike in San Francisco.


Love my new bike. The riding and shifting is so smooth with the Nuvinci Hub.


The bike´s intended use will be to drop off and pick up kids (2yrs and 5yrs old) from school, on the way to and from work. It will run in challenging environment on the southwest coast of Norway (frequent rain and wind). Will know if it really translates into more bike and less car in August...


I took my Xtracycle FreeRadical setup (Karate Monkey + FreeRad with 26" wheels) and swapped the parts over to a blue EdgeRunner frameset in Feb 2013. My rear 26" rim had failed months earlier, so I relaced the hub to a 36-hole 20" rim.Over two years later and I'm still using it to haul my kids or groceries or whatever almost daily. The frame is plenty rigid and allows for riding one handed or out of the saddle when loaded, something my FreeRad setup struggled with under heavy load. More info about the built and my experiences at


I am able to pickup my daughter after work without having to get in my car. I had resisted riding my bike to work because there are a lot of big rigs in the area that I live but having an electric motor to assist me provides that extra confidence needed. The pedal assist mode provided by my electric motor makes it a breeze and comfortable when riding next to other cars in busy streets. The bike is very maneuverable.


I've been riding my EdgeRunner for almost 2 years and love every minute on it, even on uphills with two kids telling me to go faster. It really does ride like a regular bike-- it is easy to maneuver and has plenty of gears for up and downhills-- but is a bike with lots of perks. Depending on the day, we carry extra bags, extra gear, extra kids and extra bikes. One of the things we like to do is go for a long ride with the kids on their own bikes. When they get tired it is easy to hook their bikes into the cargo bags and give them a lift home.We bought the bike as one that my husband and I could share, but it quickly became the only bike I ride; sometimes my husband gets a chance. (It fits both of us very well, I am 5'3" and he is 5'10".) My usual ride (school drop off) is 10 miles with several steep hills . . . and lots of rain. The kids (and I) love it rain or shine and complain when we have to take the car.Although the initial cost of the bike may be off-putting, it is an investment that has payed off in myriad ways for our family: the kids are hooked on biking, we're able to integrate biking into everyday activities like going to school and the grocery store, and, most importantly, it is a blast.


This cargo bike has jump started daily bike trips to school (kids on own bikes except toddler, but backpacks piled high), trips to the grocery store - saddle bags fit four bags groceries, and much more. A purchase I have never regretted


I owned another cargo bike who shall remain nameless - and it was bad. It wobbled, it was unsteady, when my kid gestured the whole thing would head in a new direction - no ok. I test drove the Edgerunner - with my kid - and it was love at first ride. I sold my other cargo as quick as I could and signed up for the first delivery of the Edgerunners. I got my bike in December of 2013 and basically have ridden it daily ever since. We live in San Francisco and I drop my kid off at school - u and over one of the west side mountain ranges, then back over an I head to work in the Mission. After work, its a reverse commute. During the week I'll stop at Rainbow Costco or TJs for groceries and haul them back across town. Weekends? Lets go to the zoo, GGP. Crissy Feild - it's all doable with our Edgerunner.At least one person a day asks me about our bike, I'm pretty sur emost of them are new Edgerunner owners too!


This bike is a life changer. My wife and I use it primarily to haul our 17 month baby around town. What was once a chore -- getting the bike out, getting the trailer out, hooking it up, putting the baby in, and being careful and mindful of our doubled width -- is now a joy. Just pull out the bike, put the kid in, and go!Ada loves it, too. She hi-fives us as we ride and babbles and points to all the cool stuff she can see now that she's not stuck in a car.We also use it to haul groceries, which is not quite as fun as hauling our kid, but it's still pretty rad.

El Jefe Mas Grande

There is really nothing I don't love about my Edgerunner and Xtracycle gear! I'm reminded every time I take my kids to school in the morning and in particular, every holiday season in NYC when the city is packed with tourists staring up at the big, big buildings as they do their holiday shopping as I sail through/around/between traffic on the Xtracycle uptown and down.This season I've transported everything from my kids to bags of gifts to bags of donations to a 7 foot Christmas tree. What's there not to love?!


I bought our Edgerunner this summer after we had our 2nd kid, since I didn't want to buy a double wide trailer. Previously, I'd been hauling our 4 year old around in a single trailer with my cyclocross rig, which worked ok but lacked much cargo space for errands. Riding with a trailer also really affected the handling of the bike at I always felt a bit sketchy riding in traffic with it.Once we got the Edgerunner, it quickly became our favorite ride and the trailer has been permanently retired. We opted for the 27D Lux package, since full time fenders & lights were something that made the bike really practical for full time use, in any weather, day or night. I could not be happier with the full coverage fenders and the lights. The generator hub paired with the Luxos is an awesome combo, and I get stopped with questions about the lights about as often as I get stopped with questions about the bike (which is a lot). They're crazy bright, with high and low beams so you can ride with confidence on even the darkest unlit roads or paths. "I didn't see you" is something I will never hear from a driver again.The bike itself handles great, loaded with groceries, kids, a day worth of supplies for the beach or park… we take this thing everywhere, fully loaded. The 20" rear matched with the 27 speed drive train really handles the hills here in Vermont with no issues. We even won a hill climb event against some people on tandems (even though my stoker is just an onboard cheering section).Even when I don't need the extra carrying capacity, I often find myself taking the Edgerunner anyway, just because who knows what I might need to pick up along the way. The ride is a lot more comfortable and smooth than my regular commuter, and it is just nice to know that if I have to run an errand I don't have to try and jam a bunch of random stuff into a backpack or messenger bag.Bottom line: this is probably the best bike purchase I've ever made. I've got nicer bikes, lighter bikes, but nothing matches the Edgerunner for total days/hours of use… I can leave the house in the morning, do drop off at school, run errands at lunch, pick up groceries & the kids and never have to worry about not having room for something. I even got our Christmas tree with the bike, after doing some grocery shopping and picking up some supplies at the hardware store.


I rode a FreeRadical for years, built on 700c wheels. As my kids got bigger, it became clear to me that I needed a bike built for their weight. The EdgeRunner is just the thing. The small wheel size in the back keeps the kids low to the ground, and makes the center of gravity far easier to manage. The fat, burly tires keep everyone comfortable and have me cornering with confidence. I'm especially grateful for the geometry of the frame. With a simple seat adjustment, but bike works for 6'2" me and my 5'7" wife. It is truly a family bike. With the added luxury of electric assist, the bike has become a viable member of our commuter fleet and has allowed us to sell our second car. Soccer practice up the hill? Groceries, bookbags, and boys? No problem. The EdgeRunner conquers all.

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