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INSIGHT #1: Make safety your first priority.

Riding with two young kids in tow, my biggest concern is safety. To be safe, I need a bike that’s stable, even when the twins get the wiggles. I need to be able to make a quick start when I’m carrying a lot of extra weight. And I need to be able to stop quickly.

With Xtracycle’s dedication to safety and quality covers all my bases.

INSIGHT #2: You can do more than you think.

Many people, myself included, make the mistake of assuming the grocery store, parks, kids’ school, and other locations we drive to are too far for a bike trip.

I mapped out the most common destinations that I typically traveled to by car, often with the kids along. Shockeroo: most of these places fell within a six-mile radius of my home – easy biking distance, especially on an ebike. I realized I could easily do 90 percent of my daily errands on bike.

INSIGHT #3: Don’t freak out over the price.

Bottom line: if I love it and I ride it, my cargo bike pays for itself.

If you want a bike that has electric assist, don’t let the price tag scare you. If an ebike is not expensive, I get nervous about where they are cutting costs – especially if it is a bike that I am going to ride with my children

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