Cargo 101

Should You Buy a Complete Cargo Bike or Convert a Regular Bike?

It comes down to your utility-cycling resources and intentions.

Get a complete bike?

Our complete bikes are designed to handle better, haul more, and last longer than the competition.

The Xtracycle EdgeRunner is the ultimate cargo bike, designed with a small 20” rear wheel, which lowers the center of gravity for greater stability, improves acceleration from a stop, and makes it easy to load up to three children and backpacks, groceries, etc.—or equivalent cargo weighing up to 250 lbs. Our frames are made of the perfect material, chromoly-steel, which is lightweight, strong, and durable. And whether you choose a mechanical or electric EdgeRunner, this bike is designed to grow with you for life.

Convert a regular bike?

Our FreeRadical Leap transforms mild-mannered regular bikes into super-cargo heroes.

Increase your bike’s carrying capacity, functionality, and fun with the FreeRadical Leap, a perfect cargo platform that’s adapts to carry large loads and passengers.

Leap features & benefits

  • MIGHTY POWERFUL: Designed to be super-strong and torsionally rigid, the Leap won’t flex or break under heavy loads at any speed.
  • SUPER-MODULAR: Connects to almost all adult bikes, including bikes with rear wheel sizes of 20″, 24″, 26″, 650B, 650B+ 700C, 29er, and 29+. And removable racks make it compatible with the vast majority of existing Xtracycle accessories.
  • SAFE & SECURE: The Leap’s secure mounting system attaches firmly to the chainstays near the bottom bracket of the bike being converted.
  • IT’S A MULE! Load capacity? A whopping 400 pounds, including rider weight.
  • EXTEND AN ELECTRIC: The Leap is perfect for converting a regular electric bike into a radical e-cargo ride.
  • HAUL FAMILY & FRIENDS: Passenger capacity? Three kids or one adult.