In 1998, we launched the FreeRadical extension/conversion kit for bikes. The FreeRadical showed people how they could turn an ordinary bicycle into an amazing new multipurpose machine, the “longtail cargo bike,” a utilitarian people-mover that didn’t just help you haul stuff but could also transform your life—as well as that old beater bike whimpering in the garage.

What happened next surprised us more than anyone. It wasn’t just that our haul-it-all product was embraced; it was the way it brought people together, turned heads, stoked conversations, generated smiles, and even helped birth big ideas, businesses, and, in a few cases, babies.

People saw our creation, used it, loved it, and sent so much positive energy our way it left us amazed and humbled and wanting more. It’s why we’re still here, working to help people make good changes—for themselves and their communities—and live happier lives.

And the Xtracycle community has only gotten bigger. It’s grown and brought us closer to our global vision of empowering people with transformational tools that move the body and spirit. Our community is not an exclusive club. Everyone everywhere is welcome.

“We ride together” is one of our core values, and we feel immense gratitude for the legions of devoted, generous, brilliant, and bold riders, employees, suppliers, writers, filmmakers, and shop owners who’ve taken up the call to get us to where we are today. We love all of you, EdgeRunners through and through.

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