1. SAVE MONEY: An Xtracycle can pay for itself in what you save on gas, maintenance and car insurance over the first few months and years you own it.
  2. SAVE TIME: Depending on your route and distance, taking a bike instead of a car can cut down on your travel times.
  3. FALL IN LOVE WITH WHERE YOU LIVE: When you hop in the saddle of the cargo bike, you’ll likely find yourself looking for those quiet back roads and paths. You’ll find places you didn’t even know existed, new parks and trails you have never been to, and will get to see where you live in a whole new way.
  4. KEEP YOUR MIND AND BODY MOVING: Cargo and utility cycling helps keep our bodies moving and our blood pumping. The active bike lifestyle is a passive benefit of commuting by cargo bike!
  5. A NEW DAY, A NEW ADVENTURE: You never know what you’ll find when you head out the door on a cargo bike and get to commute with 360 degree views of your environment. A new park, a beautiful bird feather, a family friend walking by, a vibrant rainbow.
  6. EASY TO RIDE: An Xtracycle longtail cargo bike is one of the more intuitive cargo bikes to learn to ride since it rides similarly to a regular bike. Our design, materials, and geometry have been refined over 20-plus years of daily riding all over the world, in all conditions and over all kinds of terrain. Even when heavily loaded, and it’s easier to stay in control.
  7. HAUL IT ALL: You might buy it for one thing, but you’ll use it for everything. Our longtail cargo bikes are perfect for families, commuting, errands, drop-off/pick-up, working, playing, exploring, adventure touring, and so much more. Combined with our comprehensive cargo bike accessories, you can always outfit your bike however you like, for any kind of work or play.
  8. BUY NOW, PAY LATER: Xtracycle has partnered with Klarna to offer great financing options for those who would like to spread their payments out over time.
  9. INCREDIBLE COMFORTABLE: Comfort is key when it comes to carrying previous cargo by bike. Xtracycle bikes were built with this comfort in mind. From upright riding positions to rigid frames for riding on bumpy roads, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure your ride is safe of comfy.
  10. LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR COMMUTE: For many morning commutes, riding to the office or work can add a fantastic jolt of energy and joy to your morning routine and it can get your day started on the right foot (or should we say pedal stroke?).
  11. BECOME A ONE-CAR (OR NO-CAR) HOUSEHOLD: If you would like to limit your fossil-fuel dependent vehicle usage, having a capable cargo bike that can haul kiddos, groceries, kayaks and more can make those car light or car-free dreams a reality.
  12. AVOID MOST TRAFFIC: You’ll run into less gridlock, red lights and car congestion when riding in the bike lane or when you take the quiet bike commute friendly back streets.
  13. PRIMO PARKING: When it comes to bike commuting, you are pretty much guaranteed to always have the closest parking spot in the lot!
  14. FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: What was once a struggle when it came to convincing the little ones to join you on hum drum errands by car turns into a fun adventure in the great outdoors by bike. Take the scenic route, put some tunes on the Bluetooth speaker and make the ordinary extraordinary.
  15. SCHOOL DROP-OFF & PICK-UP IS A BREEZE: No more waiting in line at school drop-off and pick-up! Just roll up and get on with your day.
  16. WE HAVE AN ACCESSORY FOR THAT!: Our cargo bikes are designed to provide you with the exact accessory solution for your transportation needs, whether it’s hauling kids, groceries, gear, hardware, or all of the above. An Xtracycle cargo bike usually has many lives, and our extensive line of cargo bike accessories lets you kit it out to fit your evolving needs.
  17. GROWS WITH FAMILIES: Our child carrying accessories are designed to accommodate kids of all ages and allow your bike to evolve as your kids grow and your needs change. From babies in rear seats, all the way up to teenagers and adults needing to hitch a ride on the rear deck, we have what you need to make their ride safe and comfortable.
  18. EXCEPTIONAL SAFETY & RELIABILITY: Xtracycles are safe and predictable vehicles for you and your family. Our cargo bikes are designed from the bottom up to be supremely safe. We trust them with our kids, so you can relax and enjoy the ride.
  19. SUPERIOR QUALITY & DURABILITY: Our bikes are built right and built to last, with 20 years of proof still rolling strong out on the streets and trails of the world.
  20. SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION: Cargo bikes and utility cycling make our lives, communities, and world better now—while helping to create a brighter future for all.
  21. MADE TO ORDER: You choose the frame style, size, riding position, accessories, and color so the bike fits you, your lifestyle, and your taste.
  22. PEOPLE- & EARTH-FRIENDLY: We choose to spend more money on materials and processes that are better for humans and the environment. We invest in the people who make our products to ensure that they earn a good living wage and have health care.
  23. RIDE YEAR-ROUND: Some people prefer to park their bike when it’s cold or wet, but for those who want to ride year round, there are definitely ways to make that happen. Fenders and rain gear can go a long way in keeping yourself and your passengers dry and cozy.
  24. ULTRA-LOW MAINTENANCE: There’s no gas bill, no oil or fluid changes, none of that. Just a little chain lube and some air in the tires, thanks. Even with an annual tune-up for safety and general wear and tear, often minor adjustments are all that’s necessary.
  25. EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS: The number-one response we get when we check in with new Xtracycle owners? “I’m using it waaay more than I expected.”
  26. LIFE-CHANGING: The second most common response we get when we check in with new Xtracycle owners? “It’s changed my life for the better.”
  27. LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD: Take it easier and lighter. When we drive, we’re encumbering our commute with a few thousand pounds of pounds of metal, plastic, and rubber. And usually it’s just not necessary.
  28. ALWAYS READY TO CAMP & TOUR: By its very nature, an Xtracycle longtail cargo bike or e-bike is always ready to rock and roll off into the sunset with all your camping gear.
  29. NO CAR INSURANCE REQUIRED: No proof of insurance, no license, no registration and none of the associated costs.
  30. ELECTRIC: POWER AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON: Cargo e-bikes are a big part of the future of transportation, but why wait when you can get one now? Our electric bicycles flatten hills, shrink loads, and take you farther faster. Discover why you might want to go electric.