1. SAVE MONEY: An Xtracycle can easily pay for itself in gas savings over the first few years you own it. The health benefits of utility cycling are proven to cut medical costs.
  2. SAVE TIME: Travel times are often far less than if you took a car or roughly the same, depending on route and distance. Skip the traffic, have fun, and get some fresh air while taking back control of your time. But you don’t have to take our word for it; ask some transportation scientists!
  3. GET CONNECTED: Ride outside the box and you’ll find yourself experiencing life in a fresh new way, not only connecting more with your mind and body but also with those whose paths you cross, your local flora and fauna, your community and neighborhood, and your city and region. You’ll see thoroughfares and highways as a bunch of lonely cubicles in motion. Meanwhile, you’ll be out having fun while getting stuff done.
  4. GET FIT FAST—WHILE HAVING FUN: Cycling is exercise, of course; it’s just way more fun than the gym. And the more you move, the more you’ll want to move. Cargo and utility cycling helps keep us fit, with good muscle mass and a healthier heart and lungs. The active lifestyle is built in when you’re on an Xtracycle.
  5. EVERYDAY ADVENTURE: When you head out on a cargo bike, you’re closer to the ground, interacting more with people and places, and fun detours and exciting developments come naturally. Any day can end up epic!
  6. EASIEST TO RIDE: An Xtracycle longtail cargo bike is without question the easiest to ride out of all the styles of utility-cycling bikes in existence. Our design, materials, and geometry have been painstakingly refined over 20-plus years of daily riding all over the world, in all conditions and over all kinds of terrain. Just grab the bike and roll on your way. Handling is intuitive, even when heavily loaded, and it’s easier to stay in control than any other cargo bike out there. That’s no accident; our bikes are better by design.
  7. MULTIFUNCTIONAL HAUL-IT-ALL UTILITY: You might buy it for one thing, but you’ll use it for everything. Our longtail cargo bikes are perfect for families, commuting, errands, drop-off/pick-up, working, playing, exploring, adventure touring, and so much more. And our comprehensive Super-Modular Accessory System means you can always outfit your bike however you like, for any kind of work or play.
  8. EASY TO FINANCE: Xtracycle has partnered with Klarna to offer great financing options.
  9. LIGHTEST CARGO BIKE BY SIZE: Hey, utility bikes are bigger, but Xtracycles are designed to trim the fat without sacrificing safety or comfort. We use only the finest materials, including world-class, lightweight chromoly steel and aluminum alloy. Other cargo bikes are far heavier for their size, using cheaper, thicker, weightier materials.
  10. MOST COMFORTABLE: Xtracycle cargo bikes are designed with a focus on safety, comfort, and the ability to evolve with your needs, but people regularly rave about how much more comfortable and easy to ride our bikes are than other cargo and utility bicycles.
  11. MAKE YOUR COMMUTE FUN: Want to nix anxiety and stress the fast and easy way? Skip the traffic and pedal your way to the office and back home every day. That time spent outside in the morning, getting a little exercise, makes your whole day better. And then after work, watch amazed as the ride home melts away the stresses of the day. Our commuter motto? Work to eat, eat to live, live to ride, ride to work!
  12. BECOME ONE-CAR (OR NO-CAR) HOUSEHOLD: An Xtracycle can easily augment or replace the family car. Need to maximize time and distance? Discover why you might want to go electric.
  13. NO TRAFFIC: Gridlock begone!
  14. ROCK-STAR PARKING: Everywhere you go, you’ll skip the traffic, lines, and parking lots that corral and cramp motor vehicles and slow everybody else down. School drop-off and pick-up? Roll up on an Xtracycle and treat your kid like a rock star!
  15. READY FOR ANYTHING: Whatever you need to do and wherever you need to go, an Xtracycle cargo bike is always up to the task: work, play, commuting, camping, school, parks, family fun, errands, groceries, hardware store… You name it; we’ve done it!
  16.  IT JUST FEELS GOOD: Move the body and spirit by bike. When you hop on a cargo bicycle, you escape the box, look around, take a deep breath, and get connected to yourself, your community, and your environment. The more we move our legs, hearts, and lungs, the happier and healthier we are. It’s a fact.
  17. FUN FOR THE FAMILY: The Xtracycle lifestyle naturally educates and entertains kids and brings a smile to parents’ faces. Turn any trip or errand into an adventure as you cruise through the fresh air together.
  18. KIDS HATE CAR SEATS: But they love cruising along on a bike with family and friends! Plus our modular Junior Co-Pilot passenger system accommodates multiple kids of different ages with ease.
  19. MAKE DROP-OFF & PICK-UP A BREEZE: No more waiting in an endless line of idling, polluting cars to drop off and pick up kids at school, practice, etc. Just roll up and then roll on.
  20. YOUR KIDS WILL THANK YOU: Make no mistake: kids who grow up on the back of an Xtracycle have more fun, and they remember it for the rest of their lives. We’ve even been around long enough to see multiple generations of Xtracyclers in a single family.
  21. COMPREHENSIVE SUPER-MODULAR ACCESSORY SYSTEM: Sounds kinda fancy, but the point is our cargo bikes are designed to provide you with the exact accessory solution for your transportation needs, whether it’s hauling kids (see below), groceries, gear, hardware, or all of the above. An Xtracycle cargo bike usually has many lives, and our Super Modular Accessory System lets you kit it out to fit your evolving needs.
  22. GROWS WITH FAMILIES: Our modular Junior Co-Pilot passenger system is designed to accommodate kids of all ages and evolves as your kids grow and your needs change.
  23. EXCEPTIONAL SAFETY & RELIABILITY: An Xtracycle is a safe and predictable vehicle for you and your family for traveling, running errands, playing, commuting, shopping, camping, and more. Our cargo bikes exceed the world’s most stringent safety standards. We trust them with our kids, so you can relax and enjoy the ride.
  24. SUPERIOR QUALITY & DURABILITY: Xtracycles are built right, built light, and built to last, with 20 years of proof still rolling strong out on the streets and trails of the world.
  25. SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY TRANSPORTATION: Cargo bikes and utility cycling make our lives, communities, and world better now—while helping to create a brighter future for all.
  26. MADE TO ORDER: You choose the frame style, size, riding position, accessories, and color so the bike fits you, your lifestyle, and your taste.
  27. FUTURE-PROOFED: Throwaway consumer culture is not cool, but change is inevitable, so our products are not only durable but are designed to our Longtail Standard, to incorporate future innovations as they’re developed. Whether you’re a DIY creative, a hardcore adventurer, or just a parent riding your kids to school, you can build your bike the way you want it, knowing that we work hard to make sure you’ll always be able to change it up as your needs evolve.
  28. ZERO SHORTCUTS: To create superior performance, ride quality, and safety for riders and passengers, we use the highest-quality chromoly steel, lightweight components, our own leaf-spring technology, nice plump tires, hydraulic disc brakes, and a thru-axle fork, for a lightest-in-class bike with unrivaled stability and security.
  29. PEOPLE- & EARTH-FRIENDLY: We always choose to spend more money on materials and processes that are better for humans and the environment. We invest in the people who make our products to ensure that they earn a good living wage and have health care.
  30. BENEFITS OTHER PEOPLE: Whenever anyone rides an Xtracycle instead of driving a car, it’s good for everyone.
  31. RIDE YEAR-ROUND: We understand that some people prefer to park their bike when it’s cold or wet, but there’s really nothing stopping you. Just add fenders to the bike and a raincoat to yourself and your passengers and you’re good to go. Everyone at Xtracycle HQ is living proof that riding your bike in the rain or sub-zero temps is pretty much like taking a stroll in the rain or sub-zero temps. You just need to dress accordingly. (p.s. A little weather can actually make trips more fun.)
  32. ULTRA-LOW MAINTENANCE: There’s no gas bill, no oil or fluid changes, none of that. Just a little chain lube and some air in the tires, thanks. And while we of course encourage Xtracycle owners to get an annual tune-up for safety and general wear and tear, often minor adjustments are all that’s necessary.
  33. FREEEDOM: Yep, with three Es. Beyond releasing you from the grind and gridlock of automobile traffic, an Xtracycle cargo bike gives back what you put into it and then keeps on giving, growing with you and your family, your business, your adventures, etc., freeing you up to live a fuller, healthier, freer life.
  34. EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS: The number-one response we get when we check in with new Xtracycle owners? “I’m using it waaay more than I expected.”
  35. LIFE-CHANGING: The second most common response we get when we check in with new Xtracycle owners? “It’s changed my life for the better.”
  36. ELECTRIC CARS STILL GET STUCK IN TRAFFIC: And you can’t pedal them home when they run out of charge.
  37. ENLIGHTEN YOUR LOAD: Take it easier and lighter. When we drive, we’re encumbering our commute with a few thousand pounds of pounds of metal, plastic, and rubber. And usually it’s just not necessary. Car culture is kinda crazy when you think about it…
  38. ALWAYS READY TO CAMP & TOUR: By its very nature, an Xtracycle longtail cargo bike or e-bike is always ready to rock and roll off into the sunset with all your camping gear. You can of course also outfit an existing bike with our FreeRadical Leap cargo conversion kit.
  39. NO INSURANCE REQUIRED: No proof of insurance, no license, no registration, and no traffic stops. And none of the associated costs.
  40. ELECTRIC: POWER AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON: Cargo e-bikes are a big part of the future of transportation, but why wait when you can get one now? Our electric bicycles flatten hills, shrink loads, and take you farther faster. Discover why you might want to go electric.