While we offer a full line up of awesome cargo bags, some of y’all might already have a set you’re devoted to. They’ve been with you through thick and thin on your various biking adventures and you would love to add them to your new EdgeRunner or Leap cargo bike. Well, good news, my friend. Meet the Pannier Rail!

The P-rail is ideal for installing those panniers directly onto your long tail. The P-rail is a custom made powder coated metal strut that bolts directly onto pre-drilled bosses on your LT2 V-racks and allows you to carry 2 standard pannier bags per side.

While CargoBays and a SlingSet are my go-to for daily errands, I love to use the P-Rail when I’m hitting the trail or going on a long gravel ride since I can compartmentalize my gear more. Being able to use my panniers on my Leap means I can organize and load up my bags in my house before taking them outside to install on my bike, which is super convenient. The option of carrying anywhere from no bags to 4 bags, depending on my needs for that specific ride, makes them so versatile!

xtracycle p-rails

With a Leap that has U-tubes installed, your panniers will likely rest right on top of your U-tubes, adding extra support. With an EdgeRunner, due to the smaller rear wheel size and reduced distance from deck to U-tubes, your panniers will want to rest angled on the outside of your U-tubes or tucked behind your U-tubes. If the U-tubes aren’t needed at all, you could always just remove them for your ride.

Another thing I absolutely love about the pannier rail is how useful it is when you have a Yepp seat installed on your rear deck. If your Yepp is in the rear position, the leg hold will fit right over the pannier rail and give you room for one pannier in front of the Yepp.

xtracycle p-rails

If used with a Yepp seat in the front position, you have room for two panniers behind the leg holds. That’s 4 panniers AND a kiddo or two!

pannier rail xtracycle

Getting a cargo bike doesn’t mean you have to banish your beloved panniers to the bike shed. With the Pannier Rail, they can join you for miles more of adventure!