The Xtracycle SideCar is an awesome accessory to up your cargo carrying game. It installs on most Xtracycle models with zero modifications needed. To use the SideCar on a Leap, you need to make a few small modifications to get rolling. 

1. Why does the SideCar require modifications?

2. What modifications are required?


1. Why does the SideCar require modifications?

The difference on the Leap tailpiece is why the SideCar on a Leap requires modifications. 

The SideCar inserts into the bike or kit frame at two points. A front frame insertion point ahead of the rear wheel and a rear insertion point behind the rear wheel. This rear insertion point is called the tailpiece.

All Xtracycle bikes and kit models, except for the Leap, have a flat tailpiece that is a continuous piece of tubing. If you were to have nothing inserted in the tailpiece, you could look through one side out through the other side. This means the insertion length on these bikes is as long as the the tailpiece is wide. Here is an example of the flat Cargo Node tail piece. 

In order for the Leap kit to accommodate fat tires that would extend beyond a flat tailpiece, the Leap tailpiece bows out away from the bike. This means that the Leap tailpiece is not continuous and the insertion length is shorter. The insertion length is only as wide as the rear upright tube width. (The front insertion point on the Leap is continuous so this only applies to the rear tailpiece).

The length of the rear SideCar quill stem is what requires some simple modifications.

2. What modifications are required?

In order to install a SideCar on the Leap, you simply need to: a) remove the stem wedge and quill expander bolt from the rear (longer) quill stem, b) cut the stem short enough to insert into the tailpiece and c) drill a hole for the tailpiece accessory bolt to insert into.

a) Remove the quill expander bolt and stem wedge. Do this by using a wrench to unscrew the expander bolt until it is competently unscrewed from the stem wedge. Once removed, you will no longer need these pieces. 

b) Cut the stem short enough to insert into the tailpiece. To determine how far down to cut the stem, install the SideCar using the front insertion quill and do not insert the rear insertion quill. Once the front quill stem is properly inserted, align the SideCar so it runs parallel to the bike. This might require removing the rear quill from the SideCar and holding it against the SideCar to see how far it needs to be inserted. Draw a line on the rear quill with a marker to show where you need to cut it. You want your rear quill to be cut to a length that allows it to be inserted and also allows it to remain parallel to the bike. Once you find the proper insertion length, cut the quill. If you do not have the proper tools on hand to do this, your local bike shop should be able to help.

c) Drill a hole for the tailpiece accessory bolt to insert into. Once the quill is cut, attach it to the SideCar again and re-install the SideCar, now inserting both quills. Once you ensure the the quill is the proper insertion length, align the SideCar so it is parallel to the bike frame. Once it is parallel, use a marker to mark where on the rear quill to drill the hole for the tailpiece accessory bolt to bolt through. Do this by simply marking on the quill through the welded boss on the tailpiece. Drill a hole where you marked on the quill. The bolts included with your Leap will work in holding the quill to the frame.

You’re now ready to go with your epic cargo hauling machine! 


Please keep in mind, the SideCar is for cargo hauling only.

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