Putting a MagicCarpet and Mini MagicCarpet on your FlightDeck

Add a little magic to your Xtracycle with a full sized MagicCarpet or Mini MagicCarpet. These padded seat cushions quickly install to the top vertical racks (V-racks) to cover the FlightDeck and create a padded seat cushion for child or adult passengers.

The only difference between the full sized MagicCarpet and the Mini MagicCarpet is the length. The full sized MagicCarpet is 24″ long, whereas the Mini MagicCarpet is 12″ long. Both carpets are 2.25″ thick and 8″ wide and attach with Velcro straps to the V-racks.

Curious as to what MagicCarpet set up is the best for you? Take a peek! 

One MagicCarpet (with Yepp seat)

Using an full sized MagicCarpet with a Yepp seat on the rear deck will provide padding for a child riding on the deck while not interfering with the installation of a Yepp seat. Half of the MagicCarpet will cover the FlightDeck whereas the other half will fold up and provide padding along the inside of the Hooptie. The added bonus is you will have a full length deck pad ready to cover the entire deck once the littlest kiddo is riding on the deck sans Yepp seat as well.

One MagicCarpet (no Yepp seat)

This is ideal to create a comfortable seat for one or more children or an adult passenger on the rear deck. This offers full FlightDeck coverage. 

Two MagicCarpets

Using two full sized MagicCarpets will offer you full FlightDeck coverage as well as padding against the inside front and rear of the Hooptie. This is ideal to create a comfortable one or more children and an adult passenger on the rear deck. 

One Mini MagicCarpet (with Yepp seat)

Looking for padding for one passenger on who will be sitting on the rear deck and don’t need padding along a Hooptie? The Mini MagicCarpet is for you! This covers half of the deck, creating a comfortable padded seat for one passenger.