One issue that you might experience if you are using a FreeRadical or Leap kit with a wheel size larger than 20″ is that the bags might bump into the rear wheel or disc brake rotor when full or when a passenger is on board and their feet press the bags towards the wheel. This is caused by the space between the FlightDeck and FreeRad / Leap frame being wider than that of the EdgeRunner (which uses a 20″ wheel) and tension is reduced on the bags because of this. If you are experiencing wheel bag bump on your FreeRad or Leap kit, check to make sure the lower straps attaching the bags to your frame are nice and tight. If these straps are as tight as can be but you are still experiencing this issue, you can use a lash strap to create a barrier. 

This is a super simple fix that can be resolved with an Xtracycle CinchStrap, a lash strap you might have handy or a lash strap from the camping section of your nearest outdoor supply store. You have the option of putting on a horizontal lash strap (green strap), a vertical lash strap (blue strap) or one of each.