Differences between the FreeRadical and FreeRadical Leap

Please note: Both the FreeRadical and FreeRadical Leap are retired and no longer in production. For more information, including tips on how to find one used, see here.

FreeRadical FreeRadical Leap
Production years 1995 – 2013 2017 – present
Frame tubing Round Square
Frame color Silver Black
Frame weight Frame: 3.5 lbs. Frame: 5 lbs. 
Accessory compatibility LT1 accessories LT2 accessories
Compatible wheels 26″ or 700c wheels 20″, 24″, 26″ 650b, 27.5″, 650b+, 700c, 29″, 29+
Max tire width 2.35″ 3″
Compatible brakes V-brake, linear pull brake, disc brake Disc brake only
Torsional rigidity Frame can be flexy under heavy weight Frame is more torsionally rigid  

For more details on these kits, please review their compatibility guides and assembly manuals:

FreeRad Assembly Manual FreeRad Leap Manual
FreeRad Compatibility Guide FreeRad Leap Compatibility Guide