Alternatives to the PorterRack

If your quick release front fork Xtracycle does not have the PorterRack mounts needed to install our custom made front rack or you don’t want to purchase a PorterRack, fret not! There are still some great options for you. 

(If you have a newer EdgeRunner, RFA Sport or RFA Utility, your Xtracycle comes with these mounts needed for the PorterRack. The alternatives listed here will not work on your bike since these require a quick release front fork.)

Wald baskets – $13 – $40 (local bike shop, online)

Wald has been making their ubiquitous light weight front baskets in the US since 1905. These are great for bringing home left overs, carrying library books, hauling your small pup – you name it, they can likely handle it. 

Origin8 Classique Cargo HD Front Rack – ~$65 (online or local bike shop)

While heavier, that added weight comes with the benefit of having a 55 lbs. weight limit. This beefy rack is great for adding cargo capacity up front. 

Here is an example of this rack used with a crate strapped to the platform. 

Crust Bikes Clydesdale Cargo Fork – $245 – $265

If you are looking to up your ante, a new fork might be a great consideration. Be sure to review all the details about this fork before purchase to ensure it will meet your needs.