We are so excited to share with the world our latest addition to the Xtra bike stable – the Xtracycle Stoker long tail adventure bike! 

The Stoker has all the things we love in a quality, purpose built, long tail Xtracycle cargo bike:

So what make this sweet new ride so unique? The key feature that really distinguishes the Stoker is that it has two 24″ wheels, which we chose for their optimal on and off road performance. The 24″ rear wheel on the Stoker (2″ higher off the ground than the EdgeRunner’s rear wheel) makes for a higher derailleur and chain clearance, perfect for getting over roots and rocks on the trail while still maintaining a lower rear center of gravity. The 24″ front wheel (1″ lower to the ground than the EdgeRunner’s front wheel) allows for more carrying space up front thanks to the PorterRack being positioned lower, thus increasing handlebar clearance of front cargo. These two 24″ wheels are also sporting high-volume 2.35” Schwalbe tires which are ideal for sand, gravel, asphalt, you name it. 

Wherever the road or trail takes you, the Stoker is up for the challenge! Hop on into your local Xtracycle dealer or, for those without a dealer nearby, you can order via our Big Box of Happiness Delivery Program.

You can see all the sweet specs on the Stoker on the Stoker Spec Sheet.

Get all the nitty gritty on the Stoker geometry on the Stoker Geometry Chart.

How the Stoker geometry compares to EdgeRunner geometry can be found on the Geometry Comparison Chart.